Has the iOS visual voicemail issue been resolved?

    I Unenrolled weeks ago because DIGITS did not work with iOS VVM. I just got an email suggesting I try the program again. I'm hesitant because I never received feedback on this issue. Any change?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey snn_555!  I wish I were saying hi with better news, but I checked the known issues list and it looks like this isn't resolved quite yet.  I know we have no shortage of threads about the topic, although most have been closed one way or another - but I'll bear this in mind and if I see an update I will come back through and alert folks that we've made some progress with this and ask for retests.


        - Marissa

          • I actually had not seen any threads, other than my couple, that dealt with VVM on iOS.  Apple was supposed to give a call back a while ago, but never followed up after the first call back.  I have not seen any other responses in my other threads that I am subscribed to, so I figured it was just dead in the water.  I'm not seeing this on other sites so I figured I might have been the only one, other than a few.  OK, well, I know not to worry with DIGITS for the time being then.

          • tmo_marissa



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