Jump with AppleCare for device upgraded on Feb. 3rd?


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    I upgraded my iPhone 6s on Feb. 3rd this year. I recently cracked the screen. I pay the $12/month fee for Jump and I saw that T-mobile now includes AppleCare in that fee. On the website it says included for devices purchased on or after March 27th (the date of the announcement), but I also saw that t-mobile tweeted that devices upgraded 60 days before the announcement were also included: Conversation #4663986

    I've attempted to ask T-mobile customer care about this, but they just continue to repeat that I will pay a $175 deductible for a replacement device. When I asked about AppleCare the representative said it would cost $129 to add it. This is the same cost as buying it directly from Apple, and I was under the impression that AppleCare was now included with Jump at no extra cost. So what fine print am I missing here?  My account page does not reflect my upgraded device yet, so I'm not sure if there is an error of some kind, or if I need to wait for the new device to be reflected on my account. Any advice and information here is very appreciated. Thank you.

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      • allenenriquez1985

        I barely saw your post alexar call 611 immediately again and tell them to add apple care most reps won't know what your talking about at first or so, I'd know how disappointing this maybe or irritating it can be.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey alexar!  I'm so sorry to hear that we weren't helpful when you reached out regarding the AppleCare inclusion in our new Premium Device Protection program.  It's definitely true that customers who purchased an eligible Apple device within 60 days of the March 26th offering date are able to upgrade to the new program - but it does require that we make changes to your account internally; it's not an automatic switch.  The good news is that you can make this change until April 30th, so there's still time for us to take care of this for you if we haven't already.  When you reached out for help, were you contacting us over the phone, or have you tried DMing us on Twitter (or PMing on Facebook) and working with our T-Force team?   Since this community is a user forum, we can't switch the feature on your account from here, but through those channels we can verify your account securely and get you squared away.  We don't want you to miss out on AppleCare tech support, low cost iPhone screen repair, or the convenience of Apple certified repair or replacement at Apple Stores (and much more).  48 hours after making the change on our side it will be reflected on Apple's system that you have AppleCare, so the sooner the better!  Please keep us posted on how this goes for you.


          - Marissa

          • tmo_amanda

            Hello, alexar!


            Have you had a chance to reach out to T-Force as Marissa recommended above? If so, were they able to get AppleCare added on for you?