I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 10 years and have lost faith in this company to resolve their commitment to me to properly provide the promotion that got on the black Friday deal. I have called on this issue at least 8 times since February and spent hours on the phone trying to sort this out. I upgraded 4 phone (Galaxy 5) with the Black Friday deal and through the promotion for 2 Galaxy 7's and 2 I phone 7's.  All phones were sent back and all phones were confirmed through the customer service reps as being received.  1 of the lines has never received any credit and I am paying the full monthly payment fee for that line.  I have spend on several calls having the promotion department verify that I did qualify and the I did return all 4 phones.  I have also on several calls been promised the 4h line should be getting the credit and it will be applied in the next billing cycle.  Well I have been promised and promised and been through 3 billing cycles and I still don't have the credit for the 4the line.  I have now overpaid T-Mobile for 5 months waiting for the credit.

    I have also now noticed that the credit I am getting for the three remaining lines is not coming through correctly so that I would only be paying 100 for the 24 month period that I am making payments.  The credit that is being applied and the price for the phone is going to charge me upwards of about 130 per phone so the 100 I should have paid is not being applied correctly.

    I don't know where to go with this as I have wasted so much time calling and being transferred and being promised by supervisors that the credit and back credits will be applied but they have as of today on my new bill which I got a few days ago are still not coming through.  I have been promised by representatives and supervisors (last supervisor was Zach) that they will call me back when the credit is done and will verify with me. No calls back no credits.  T-MOIBLE,  you have charged me over 200 more than I should have paid and you are not fulfilling the contractual obligation of this promotion that I signed up for when signing up for this promotion.  I am sure you don't have this much patience with customers that don't pay and simply cut them off and send them to collections.  How can I as a long term customer be treated respectfully and have my issue dealt with in a honest manner.  I have spend so much time on calls and the promises that are made are never completed.  What do I need to do???

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there knoepfle. I'm so sorry to read about this horrible experience.  From everything that you're describing, it sounds like your family took all steps necessary to be eligible for this promotion *and* you've gone out of your way to extend a ton of effort to correct this problem.  With the lengths to which you've gone to receive this promotion and call our attention to the issue, any customer would be justified in their frustration - but I'd imagine that after a decade with a service provider, it feels much worse. 

        We're limited when it comes to resolutions that require account access in the Support Community, since it's a user forum.  But we absolutely want to make sure that this matter is resolved for you and your family.  It sounds like you've worked exhaustively with our Care team to get to the bottom of why this line still isn't getting credited - and also, honestly, we'd need someone to look at the math to figure out where the dollars and cents aren't lining up for the promotion overall - but I'm wondering if you've had a chance to work with our T-Force team? 
        Like the Support Community, they're an online resource - you can contact them through social media.  But unlike our users and Community Managers, in Twitter DM or Facebook PM, we do have the ability to securely verify your account so we can open up the details and figure out how we can make this right.  I'd imagine from your description that outlining what's wrong is something you've had to do more than once.  Since everything is already typed here, you can copy and paste into a message in one of those formats.  You'll have the benefit of online help with account access and message continuity - you can return to that same message thread without having to repeat yourself.  We do have escalation processes in place in the even that system error prevents these credits - I wish I could speak to why we haven't used them to resolve this yet, but I truly hope you're willing to give it another shot in an alternative format.  Please keep us posted on the outcome and than you for taking the time to post your experience here.


        - Marissa

        • t.jones05

          The same thing is happening to me.  I was suppose to have a free phone. Every month I have to call and spend 30 plus minutes on the phone describing this to someone to get credit.  They never pasd me on to any one higher up and every month same thing happens all over again.  I have been with them for 15 years.  I wonder if there is enough people for a class action law suit, maybe they will get it right then???

          • magenta1802236

            I also signed up for two free lines during the 2016 black Friday promotion. I've probably called every month since as I initially did not get credited for the two free lines. Thankfully, T-mobile gave me credits almost every time I called. Finally, the lines showed up as free, except for fees and taxes, on my June bill. After so many calls I'm still confused because I received different answers from each different T-mobile representative to my questions. I was originally told I could cancel one of my lines ( I have more than 4) after 3 months and not lose the free lines. Some of the T-mobile reps I spoke with told me that was not the case. So, I'm hesitant to cancel extra lines I no longer need. Also, I was told the lines would be totally free including  no charges for taxes or fees. Unfortunately. I am still being charged for the taxes and fees on the free lines. The T-mobile reps have mostly been nice and tried to be helpful. However, I wish the T-mobile reps had access to accurate information regarding their plans and promotions. With the amount of time I've invested into calling T-mobile, I'd have to say that the two free lines really are not free.