600/700 mhz spectrum  Springfield IL?


    When will 600/700 mhz spectrum reach Springfield IL?  I don't want to switch carriers but I do not get signal in my office and I require it.  I've tried cell boosters and nothing is able to get a signal.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: 600/700 mhz spectrum  Springfield IL?

        1) USCC and AT&T have the band-12 (700 MHz) licenses in the Springfield license area.

        2) T-Mobile won 15x15 MHz (3 blocks) of 600 MHz in the recent auction for that area. Bad news is that it may be 2020 before it's actually available because all the TV stations on RF channels above #37 have to be moved. That includes WRSP, WCIA, WICS, etc.

        3) US Cellular has 10x10 MHz of 700 MHz in the market but does not actually serve Springfield.


        I take it you don't have access to WiFi in your office?


        Doesn't look good.