can i JUMP upgrade before damage claim?!


    title says it all...

    i know this is completely backwards, but has someone done this before?

    of course, i want the galaxy s8 that comes out the 21st and i want to pre order, but my current phone is damaged.

    if i make a claim today it will be days before it is all sorted out. so can i pre order the phone now and make a claim a few days later?

    i know it says the imei numbers much match the original phone , but would they see and or understand that i made the claim after i applied for the jump upgrade?

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      • stevetjr

        Re: can i JUMP upgrade before damage claim?!

        I think there is an option when you go thru the JUMP upgrade process where they ask you details about the device your returning and it's functionality, if damaged they will probably just charge you the deductible, plus tax, plus down payment.


        I have done it outside of pre-order where I went to a store and paid the deductible then JUMP'd.


        I definitely wouldn't do the upgrade then claim deal, that's how you end up getting charged for a phone.