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Calls go to Wrong Voicemail


    I am using the DIGITS app on a T-mobile phone, having selected the option to use minutes and text.


    When an incoming call comes into the app - if I do not answer and let it time out, the incoming call is properly forwarded to my Google Voice VM using the delayed call forwarding settings for the phone number being called.  If, instead, I reject the call - the call goes to the T-mobile voicemail of the phone on which I am running the app.


    Sorry if which phone is which  is not clear from the above, but I'm unfamilar with the proper terminology. 

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Calls go to Wrong Voicemail

        Do you just have the one number on multiple devices or the multiple numbers on 1 device? I'm just curious if the same thing happens with the duplicate number. Does this only happen when the call forward is set up?

          • rinsf

            Re: Calls go to Wrong Voicemail

            One number, multiple devices.


            I always have conditional call forwarding set up to Google Vocie voicemail, but that most people have it always set up to forward to T-mobile voicemail.


            I think it is clear what is happeninng - the call comes into the target phone (i.e., the phone with the DIGIT app installed.)  If I hit the red button and refuse the call, the conditional call forwarding in the target phone automatically forwards the call instantly to the call forwarding number for the phone with the app installed.  If I just let it ring, the "don't answer" call forwarding of the phone number matching the DIGITS app then forwards it to Google Voice.


            So, in a nutshell, the system is not smart enough to ignore the call forwarding settings of the host phone if the call is refused.

              • tmo_evan

                Re: Calls go to Wrong Voicemail

                You mentioned that you're on a T-Mobile phone (with a T-Mobile SIM) when you're rejecting the call?


                What you mentioned above is what we expect when you're not on a T-Mobile phone since we fork the call to the underlying phone number and the call has left our network.


                If you can reproduce this, we'll want to get one of our admins to get some more information from you including some specific call times/logs for our team to look at and see what this isn't working right.


                Thanks for helping out with DIGITS!

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Calls go to Wrong Voicemail

              Hey there! We really want to get your voicemail ironed out. tmo_evan is our DIGITS guru and needs a bit of clarification on the issue.


              Keep us us posted so we can move forward with a bug report, if needed.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Calls go to Wrong Voicemail

                Just wanted to drop a line and see if you're still having voicemail routing concerns!  Please let us know so that we can reach out and collect some details for a bug report if needed.  Thanks for participating in the DIGITS Beta and for providing this feedback!


                - Marissa