LG V20 stability issues?


    My LG V20 has been giving me odd behavior these past couple of months and I'm not quite sure what it is.


    This is the only phone that I've had where it completely freezes after clearing the cache. The phone will just lock up and the screen will go black. Luckily, it starts working again after 15-20 seconds. Another small problem I've been having is the fingerprint scanner seems to take longer than it should to wake the phone. I'm pretty sure that's software related since the fingerprint scanner was super quick before the H91810j update.


    This is also the only phone I've had where it will shut off on it's own after keeping it on for a week and a half straight. On all occasions where this has happened, my battery has been at 5%. Usually, I can just restart the phone right after. However, the phone shut itself off once again today (after being on for like 10 days straight or so). I was not able to restart it, at least not right away. It would show the boot logo, then a black screen (I thought my phone had bricked itself and died). I had to plug it in the charger for about a minute, then attempt another restart. Thank goodness it worked!


    Are these common issues with the current H91810j software for others as well or is this a potential hardware problem? Anyone else having similar issues with their V20?


    (Just an FYI: I factory reset this phone back in February after receiving the current update.)


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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: LG V20 stability issues?

        Hi, Larry!


        I found a little bit of info:


        Fingerprint scanner problems

        The fingerprint scanner on the V20 works best when you are also touching the metal side rails on the device. If a case covers the metal rails, this can interfere with proper function of the fingerprint scanner. If there is any dirt, water, or dust on the fingerprint sensor, it may also affect the performance. Dry skin or wounds on the finger may affect fingerprint recognition. LG is investigating the matter and plans to improve performance in a future software update.


        1. For best results, be sure you are touching the metal side rails while using the fingerprint scanner.
        2. If you are using a case that covers the side rails, remove the case.
        3. Make sure the lock/power button and your finger are clean.
        4. If there is any interference such as moisture or dust, remove it and try again.
        5. If fingerprint recognition fails 5 times, you will need to unlock the device with the alternate method you previously set up.
        6. If the issue continues, try removing and re-adding the saved fingerprint.
        7. Keep an eye on future software update availability.


        Battery Issues

        What you described sounds like normal behavior. Heck, 10 days on a single charge is incredible! I've had this happen on numerous devices that I've owned. Yes, shutting down at 5% seems kind of odd but if you've already gotten so much usage out of the battery this is to be expected.



        Give those steps that I provided above a shot and let me know how the fingerprint scanner is working afterwards.

        • larry91

          Re: LG V20 stability issues?

          Hi, Amanda.


          I have a V20, not a V10. The V10 is the one with the metal side rails. I believe you and I went over this in another post in the past.


          And you've misunderstood what I said about having the phone on for 10 days straight. I still charge it every night and get about 14 hours of battery life (with a little over 5 hours of screen on time) each day. Just because I don't turn it off for about 10 days at a time doesn't mean that I'm getting 10 days of battery life lol. I let it go down to about 4 or 5% before recharging it again and leave it plugged in before waking up the next morning.


          So just to clarify: 10 days on straight without running the battery completely out, BUT still recharging it once it gets down to single digits. I hardly ever actually let my phone battery completely die and turn off.


          And no, the odd behavior that I've been describing is NOT normal. No other phone I've ever used freezes for 15-20 seconds after clearing the cache. No other phone I've used has shut itself off while there was still battery life left.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: LG V20 stability issues?

              Thanks for pointing that out, larry91! I went back through your previous posts and see where I told you the exact same thing about the fingerprint scanner. It appears the content still hasn't been updated. I'll pass that feedback along so we avoid this situation in the future. Also, thanks for clarifying the battery issue. It sounded too good to be true that a phone would remain on for 10 days while being used. You and I use our phones the same way with regard to charging. I'm a tad embarrassed to admit, but I rarely turn off my phone unless I'm having an issue with it. In other words, you're correct. This is not normal behavior.


              Are you still on the software version H91810j?


              I'm wondering if this is the culprit because the timeline would make sense based upon your previous post. I haven't read other reports of this happening to V20 users so it's also possible that it's a device issue.