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    Am currently on simple choice plan with 2 line. I want to know the different between 10GB vs Unlimited Promo and which one is better compare to the other???IMG_6413.PNG

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        Re: Simple choice plan with Data change

        10GB (if you clicked on it) you would see does not offer napster, or free Vudu credits every month. the 10GB Plan has 10GB of high speed data, but once you use the allotted 10GB data, your speed is slowed to 2G speeds. If you use this plan to tether to another device(s) you have a limit of 10GB of high speed data to tether and after that your speed is slowed down to 2G speeds. The 10GB plan doesn't come equipped with a seperate tethering data allotment. You would share that allotted 10GB together with your phone data consumption and tethering consumption activities. Depending on the features of this plan, this plan may have the "Data stash" feature that can carry that unused highspeed data to the next month up to 20GB. You will have to look into the details to see what is being offered for this particular plan.


        THe Unlimited Plan is Unlimited as its name suggest. You can reach 10GB of high speed 4G data and continue on pass that amount due to the phrase "unlimited". You can (hypothetically) use 40GB of data of high speed 4G speed with no slowdown. FYI: T-Mobile may slowdown your unlimited 4G high speed data useage once you reach 30GB of limit due to other subscribers usage in the area you are currently at. Consequently, if everyone is using upwards of 30GB to 40GB+ tmobile towers/services would get overwhelme. So if there are only a few T-Mobile users actually using their data at the same time you are... you may have no slowdown at all after 30GB.  But You do have a 7GB high speed cap on your tethering unfortunatelly. You can go over the 7GB, but after you use up your 7GB of high speed data, you get slowed down to 2G speeds. So you still have an unlimited data tethering feature with your plan, it's just slowed down after 7GB. byt no worrie, it resets at the begining of your cycle. Both the 10GB and the unlimited plan has binge-on features.... so you would be covered watching netflix, Major League Baseball all day, and all those other video services Tmobile has partnered with that allows the binge-on feature to work. But also, even with binge on activated....  once you reach the 30GB threshold of Binge-On usage, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down your speed to 2G if there is congestion on their networks. Its a new policy they must follow due to them using the words "UNLIMITED"... so you will notice almost every page of tmobile website has the fineprint of this. And also... keep in mind if you aren't already aware of it. Subscribers who uses their phone data, or tablet data, or hotspot data gets priority over smart phone hotspot tethering during times of congestion on the T-Mobile network. If you have the Unlimited Promo Plan or the 10GB plan, due to congestion   on T-Mobile's network, your tethering takes a backseat to regualr data usage to phone data,  Mobile Hotspot Data usage, and Tablet data usage. T-Mobile wants to be fair to all users. That tethering is a free benefit/feature with your plan.... but some people (including me) pay for their mobile hotspot, and tablet data... so they get first priority during time of congestion.


        i think i mentioned everything.... if there is something i didn't touch on let me know.

        ANd as for which oplan is better??? THE UNLIMITED PROMO PLAN IS LIKE GOLD (KEEP IT). Im also on a simlar plan as you. I started out with the 2 unlimited lines for $100 and im not going nowhere... well unless T-Mobile start paying everyone on the promo plan $50,000 to switch ... then i would abandon ship. And if you have taken advantage of the free phone line offers.... those free lines will inherit whatever plan you already have. So now i started with 2 unlimited lines for $100 dollars.... now i have 5 unlimited lines for $100 dollars.... i practically pay $20 per line for a unlimited plan. If you get rid of of your unlimited promo plan to go to a 10GB plan.... i honestly can't see the benefit of doing this on your part. I can see T-Mobile's benefit.... but there isn't any clear benefit for you. That's like trading in a Gold Bar thats worth $5,000 dollars for a bag of gold coins worth $2,000 dollars. DONT TRADE IN YOUR GOLD .


        YOu may get tempted later on to switch to the ONE Plan.... that plan is a little different than what is being offered compared to the 10GB plan you mentioned. But if your aim is to save money by not paying the taxes on the ONE PLAN... you need to do some research and calculate if you really would save money. If i went to the ONE PLAN.... Iwouldnt have to pay taxes.... but i would have to pay about $50 dollars more a month for the services i currently have just to avoid paing $15 in taxes..... But at the end of the day, you have to decide on what's best for you and your family. Moving to another plan may be better for you than for someone else, because other T-Mobile customers may have a slightly different looking plan than you. i have unlimited international calling feature added to my plan, so if i switch to any other plan (i lose that feature) and i would have to add that feature for more $$$$$$ which wouldn't make since to me (no pun intended) .

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            Re: Simple choice plan with Data change

            thank for the fast reply I was debating to switching to a different data plan but now I wull just stay with this one than. Knowing that I hit a  goldmine lmao!

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                Re: Simple choice plan with Data change

                wait a minute.... i just noticed the 2GB Plan is $0.00

                so if you chose that plan your monthly bill would $0.00 plus taxes?


                THe promo plan is the best plan. Several months ago i clicked on the change plan button on the MyTmobile website, and the website responded that i was already on the best plan. But.... if you are able to get free cell phne service by switching to the 2GB plan and not ever have to pay anything.... hmmmm... that may be more priceless than gold. You would'nt have unlimited internet, nor napster, or monthly vudu credit.... but if it's free... i would  seriously look into it just to make sure it isn't a typo.