I just updated to the newest Android Nougat update on my HTC One M9 and this update has killed my phone.

    When I receive phone calls and I answer them while the screen is locked the call goes silent. I can't hear the other person but they can hear me. I have already tried a soft reset on my phone and even removed the SIM card and still nothing helps.

    I also had issues with the Google Play Store and Gmail but clearing out all the data on the Google Play Store and Google Play Services seemed to clear that up and restore functionality. I also had a problem viewing videos on Instagram but clearing the data fixed that issue as well.

    I didn't have any of these problems before the update so I have no idea what to do except maybe to wait until HTC and T-Mobile release a new update to fix these issues.

    I wanted to ask if anyone else has had these problems and if so was it solved and how did you fix it. As far as my case I really want to know how to fix this issue since its an inconvenience.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Ouch brisal324!  I'm sorry to say we don't have anything listed in our known issues for this, but it does remind me of a similar thread about the HTC One M9.  It's not exactly the same - this poster's screen would go dark with an incoming call and then the call itself would be placed on hold - it sounds like your screen is already locked and your call is muted, correct?
        I'm glad that the effort you put in to troubleshooting thus far solved the other issues you were having, but I'd hate for you to simply wait for another update to resolve this lingering concern.  I know you mentioned a soft reset, but have you tried a Master reset?  It may be worth completing one and then testing this call issue in Safe mode to see if perhaps there's an app on your phone that the update isn't cooperating well with.


        - Marissa

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there!  Just checking in to see how everything's going with your M9!


          - Marissa

            • sainathdk



              Sorry to add on to this thread, but I am facing the exact issue with my HTC M9 phone from T-Mobile. It is a locked phone. The only way I can hear the other person is by pressing the power button which causes my phone's display to go dark. If I press power button again, then I can not hear the caller but caller can hear me.


              I have tried cache clear, master reset, and safe mode. I also got a refurbished phone from T-Mobile which has the same issue with Android 7.0


              Help please!!



                • brisal324

                  Thank you for your reply.

                  I am currently still dealing with this issue off and on but I did notice that after soft resetting my phone two or three times the issue resolved itself. My temporary solution was to set the screen timeout to 30 or even 1 hour so I could still use my phone and talk at the same time. Obviously, that solution has its downsides. But as of right now all I can recommend trying are soft resets rather than a full on master reset (since I didn't do that.)


                  Hope that helps!

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Sorry to hear you're in the same situation, sainathdk.  I have to say, at this point we still don't have this issue logged as a known issue with this device; but I'll be happy to forward these examples on.  It may also be worth reaching out to HTC to see if they've got any advice beyond the basic troubleshooting that we're providing here - perhaps this is a deliberate function change, or at least something that they're aware of?  I'd love to hear any input they can provide!


                    - Marissa