Digits only showing one side of conversation.


    One of the biggest reasons I want to use Digits is the ability to send and receive text messages from a browser window.  This is the only reason I still continue to use Google Voice.


    I tried it about 2 months ago and there seemed to be lots of issues with it.  I started using it again about 2 days ago and it seems much more promising.


    One problem and one desired enhancement though.


    For about the first 24 hours or so, the SMS conversations in the browser seemed to be in sync with that app on my phone, a Galaxy S7 Edge.  But when I went back to the computer last night, an active conversation I had been having all day yesterday (Sunday), was now split into two separate conversations.  One conversation showed only messages that I had sent and the other only showed messages that I had received.  This split continues and each side updates as the conversation has continued this morning, but still it is split into 2 one-sided conversations.


    Has anyone else seen this?


    Also, it would be very helpful if you could assign or at least have a different color assigned to each conversation.  It would make it much easier to keep track of conversations on screen and in the app, instead of having everything in pink and gray.


    Does anyone know if there are plans to do something like this?

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Digits only showing one side of conversation.

        Thanks for trying out DIGITS and providing some great feedback....


        Is it still doing this for all of your messages or only for one particular thread?

        Did you try logging out, closing the app and logging back in again?  (and if so was it still doing it?)


        As to the UI design, we're working on some improvements and will look at what we can do to make it a little more exciting.


        Let us know if it's still doing this or if you're okay now.  If it's still having issues, we'll want to get one of the forum moderators get some more details from you.


        Thanks again!

          • mcgrawdm

            Re: Digits only showing one side of conversation.

            Thank you for the reply.  Perhaps I was not clear about what was going

            on.  This only occurs when accessing Digits from a web browser, the

            conversations are fine on the Android app on my Galaxy S7 Edge.


            The problem is only occurring with one conversation or thread as you

            call it.  What has happened is that the conversation is split in two. 

            One conversation or thread shows the incoming messages and another

            thread shows the outgoing messages.


            I tried logging out of Digits on the web browser and back in, but the

            conversation is still split.

              • tmo_evan

                Re: Digits only showing one side of conversation.

                So it was basically just a one time issue?


                It's likely that there was some glitch and that the particular thread might continue to be messed up in the web browser view.  Hopefully it's just a one time issue during the beta.  If it continues to happen with additional threads, please let us know.

                  • mcgrawdm

                    Re: Digits only showing one side of conversation.

                    I don't know if I would say it is a one time issue.  It only happened in

                    one conversation thread but I have only had 2 conversations going.


                    Also, it has happened to that conversation on three different computers.

                      • tmo_evan

                        Re: Digits only showing one side of conversation.

                        Understood.  The team is looking into this and it appears to have been a bug in the message storage system which is why that one thread appears that way(as 2 separate threads) no matter which computer you log into.   Not sure that the thread can be re-assembled back into a single message thread at this point which isn't great.  If you delete the messages, and start a new conversation with the person, hopefully it will work right going forward.


                        If this happens again, we'll want to get some more details so that they can understand why the fixes they're making aren't working properly.


                        Thanks for being understanding and helping by reporting issues with DIGITS!

                          • mcgrawdm

                            Re: Digits only showing one side of conversation.

                            Thank you for the update.


                            It is not a big problem, since the conversation in question was actually forwarded to Digits by Google Voice, so GV still has the original conversation.


                            But as my hope is that Digits can eliminate my need to use Google Voice in the future, it will be helpful if this problem can be resolved.

                  • tmo_marissa



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