T-mobile screwed up (twice) and I am being denied the promo that got me to switch


    I switched to t-mobile in December when they had the promo for $200 bucks for switching from another carrier. I switched to t-mobile because it was still comparable to my plan with ATT, only after factoring in the $5 rebate for auto pay and $200 rebate for switching (given as $10 over 20 months). When I signed up in December, the kid (they are really kids) who signed me up said I will get the $200 rebate by signing up. He did not mention that I will have to send in a rebate form. I remember that he was talking to another "kid" working at the store and talking about the other kids boy friend or something like that. Anyways, that did not bother me as long as I was getting my promo. But HE DID NOT MENTION ABOUT SENDING IN A REBATE FORM!.


    When the first bill arrived a week or two later, I realized that I did not get the promos promised. The $5 autopay was not applied and neither was the $10 promo for switching. So I chatted with t-mobile representative. And I was promised that they would be applied after a few billing cycles. Even then, no one mentioned that I had to send in a rebate.  I have pasted the text of my conversation with t-mobile customer service ( i have XXXXed my name). You see that I was told that all my documents were fine and it would take 2-3 billing cycles.


    So I waited 4 billing cycles and called customer service. They now tell me I did not submit the rebate and they cannot give me the rebate. I really went WTF when I heard that. I was told everything was OK and to wait and now you tell me I did not submit the rebate. They now tell me that I cannot get the 200$ promo because it is past 30 days of signing up and they offered me some credit for their mistake. But it is not the $200 I was promised. I am pissed. How do I go about getting what I was promised in the first place?



    Xavier at 13:58, Dec 15:

    Hi there, Good day to you! This is Xavier your specialist for today.

    Xavier at 13:59, Dec 15:

    Thanks for messaging in regarding you concern XXXX.

    You at 14:00, Dec 15:

    I switched to T-mobile last week from AT&T. I was told that I will get a credit of 10$ for 20 months for switching. But I do not see this applied to my first bill.Read

    Xavier at 14:02, Dec 15:

    Oh! Thank you for switching to us XXXX!

    Xavier at 14:02, Dec 15:

    i would love to help you on that.

    Xavier at 14:02, Dec 15:

    Would you mind if I ask question about your account/

    Xavier at 14:02, Dec 15:

    May I know what promotion you had taken advantage when you switch to us?

    You at 14:04, Dec 15:

    this was the promotion of 200$ per line for switching from another carrier. I do not know what it is called.Read

    Xavier at 14:04, Dec 15:

    Thanks for that XXXX!

    Xavier at 14:05, Dec 15:

    Please bear with me as I check this out for you!

    Xavier at 14:08, Dec 15:

    May I know if you also brought in your own device from verizon?

    You at 14:08, Dec 15:

    I brought in my own device from AT&T, yes.Read

    Xavier at 14:08, Dec 15:

    Oh AT&T.

    Xavier at 14:08, Dec 15:

    Thanks for that XXXX!

    You at 14:08, Dec 15:

    no problem.Read

    Xavier at 14:09, Dec 15:

    As per checking here on my documents and resources you will recieve this credit within 2-3 billing cycles XXXX! No need to be worry about that.

    Xavier at 14:09, Dec 15:

    You are in good hands!

    You at 14:10, Dec 15:

    oh. ok. thanx.Read

    Xavier at 14:10, Dec 15:


    Xavier at 14:10, Dec 15:

    We welcome you to T-mobile!

    You at 14:11, Dec 15:

    thank you.Read

    Xavier at 14:11, Dec 15:


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      • barcodeable

        I'm confused. They say "I would love to help you on that" & "You are in good hands!" but then don't help you

        I feel so bad for you

        Hopefully a T-Mobile rep will see this post and help you, because apparently you havn't talked to the right person yet.

        I would suggest  to write a letter to the T-Mobile Corporate Office. You may get better results when an executive read about your issue as opposed to a "kid" trying to solve your problem.

        i will have my fingers and toes crossed hoping you get what you signed up for .

        • tidbits

          Are you looking at the detailed billing? From what I have learned the summary billing doesn't show discounts. The detailed and you go to specific lines it will show the discounts.

          • tmo_amanda

            Hey there, sach2017!


            $200 is a lot of money to lose out on when it sounds like you did everything you were told to qualify for it. Yes, it does come down to not submitting the rebate but at the same time, you were told all is well. I'm truly sorry that this is your first impression of being with T-Mobile. The two recommendations that I can make would be to work with the store manager where you activated your account or with T-Force (our Social Media Customer Care team). Please keep us updated on the outcome.

            • magenta1751731

              Hi sach2017,


              I'm in the exactly same situation you are with the exception that I did fill out all the rebate forms online, and they have all been approved.

              Initially, I had asked the salesperson if i have to do anything to receive the rebate, and he said no.  Weary of that and past experience, I looked online to see the requirement for rebate, and sure enough you need to fill out rebate forms before certain time.  So, I did and they have been approved.

              However, 6 months have passed and after numerous call and "escalation," I still have not seen a dime.  Not sure if the salespersons are just lacking knowledge or they are doing it intentionally.  Seriously, if you don't want to honor your promos, just don't do it.  Otherwise, this constitute a switch and bait, and are calling for class actions.

                • sach2017

                  Hi magenta1751731


                  Thank you for your message. Yes, I wish the salesperson and the customer support were better trained. When I asked the customer service representative very early on about my rebate, I was promised everything was in order and I just need to wait. Please contact t-mobile on facebook. They are very responsive over there. I hope you get your rebate soon.




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                    • artart

                      Wow   sach2017 You Are Awesome !

                      In my short time here in the Community Support Forum, I have seen many outstanding examples of members helping each other. Many of the members have been providing a helping hand for years. You are right up there with the best of the best. Your outstanding response to magenta1751731 and tmo_amanda made me think that you are probably a professional in customer relations, or service.


                      I had often wondered why this forum was called "Community Support" Your original post and all of the replies  barcodeable, tidbits and tmo_amanda made to you demonstrate what Community Support is about. Furthermore your reply to  magenta1751731is in particular is a quintessential example of the spirit of this community.


                      When I first landed in this forum, I kept seeing people being encouraged to take their cases to T-Force which I believe to be "The Court of Last Resort",  People think so highly of T-Force, I have come to believe that it is T-Mobile's "Silver Bullet" (defined as a simple and quick solution to a difficult problem). Since nothing else will slay a vampire, one must use a silver bullet.


                      Although I am happy that T-Force met your needs, that is not what I am most impressed with about your problem and solution.  Magenta1751731 reached out to you personally. You were the very first member of the community to respond and provide the correct solution. Of course when a reply is addressed to a particular member I believe most of us give enough time for that member to respond before any of the rest of us chime in with our own opinions and points of view.


                      I keep reading and rereading your reply above. You took less than 70 words to solve a problem and in such a compassionate, dignified, articulate way. You sound like you might work in customer relations for a living. Then again you might just be a very nice person.


                      I am pleased to mark your reply helpful. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say in the future. I have made a request to follow you. If you approve my request, I will be notified whenever you post anywhere in this forum. I will then be able to read what you have to say. I follow some of the most knowledgeable, compassionate members in this forum. tidbits and barcodeable are two of the best. I was alerted to this thread because they both participated to give you support.


                      I also say "cheers" to you, as well as "kudos"