14 Year Customer Leaving After Bait & Switch


    I'm sorry to say that I've got a terrible story.  I have been a TMO customer for over 14 years. Over that time, I have constantly talked-up TMO -- how different it is from other service providers.  Over that time, I have convinced my sister, my parents and some of my colleagues to switch.  Really.


    As you all know, TMO has been pushing the T-Mobile One plan for a while now. I had always resisted because I was happy with my Simple Choice plan and 15% Military Discount (I'm a veteran).


    About two months ago, I called in to TMO customer service because there were problems with (overcharges on) my bill - a problem, incidentally, that I seemed to be having more and more frequently in the past year.  I spoke to nice CSR who fixed the billing issue; we began chatting about the T-Mobile One promotion that was going on. You all know it:  2 Lines for $100 etc.  The CSR and I spent a great deal of time going over all of the details of how the change would affect me.  I'd loose my two free lines. I'd loose the free 500 MB/month iPad line, etc.  The key, not surprisingly, was the Military Discount.  He purported to check and confirmed that the discount would apply to the 5 phone lines I would be switching.  With the Military Discount, it just about broke even for me -- even though I'd be losing the free lines.  I figured that given the additional data -- which my son would appreciate -- it made sense.  I made the switch.


    So flash forward to today.  I looked at my bill and (sure enough) there were overcharges.  They'd charged me a payment for the SyncUp device (which is supposed to be free with my 2 GB data plan.)  They'd charged me for a new line that I added that was supposed to be free.  But the big problem was the Military Discount was only being applied to 2 of my 6 lines.


    I called up TMO absolutely certain that it would all be addressed.  The first CSR rep sort of took care of the SyncUp charge (although I later learned she hadn't credited the charge for this month.)  She said she'd pass the question about the free line to a supervisor team (that she claimed wasn't working today.)  On the Military Discount, she didn't have an answer so she supposedly was going to transfer me to a higher-level CSR.  We somehow were disconnected.  I expected her to call back -- particularly because she asked for my number in case that happened -- but nothing.  So I called back and after going through the whole story, I was transferred to Yvonne in customer relations.  She gave me all of the platitudes you expect ("I understand your concern" "Let's get this fixed" etc) I was in the midst of explaining the situation and (again) the line goes dead. Again, I'm certain she'll call back.  No call. 


    So I call yet again and get transferred to Chris.  I explain everything for the 3rd or 4th time.  He tells me that "I want you to get what you were promised."  Thank Goodness (I think).  Finally, this is the TMO I know.  Sadly not.  He tells me that the CSR I spoke to originally about switching was wrong:  My veteran's discount will not apply to the T-Mobile One plan.  Chris cannot explain why it was applied to two of the lines -- but basically assured me that that "mistake" wouldn't happen again.  More importantly, there was "nothing" he could do to actually "get me what [I] was promised."  Instead he offers to switch me back to my old plan.  But even there, he says he cannot do it.  He has to "visit with his team" about it. 


    So, long story short, a 14 year (vet) customer got -- quite literally -- the "old bait and switch."  I was baited with the promise that my new plan would include the Military Discount and voluntarily "switched" to the new plan because of it.


    What's so galling about all of this -- besides that fact that I feel like a sucker for having been such a "fanboy" for TMO - but that the CSR acknowledged today that while the 15% Military Discount could not apply, the 20% Hookup discount would have.  I specifically considered that asking for a Hookup code back in February/March but figured that 15% was good enough. Now, of course, it's no available.


    So now, I'm looking for other carriers.  I was always willing to put up with TMO's less-than-stellar coverage in my area because of the competitive prices but even more because of the customer service which had, until now, made me feel like a valued customer.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Gosh, shpphone, that's a total bait and switch. I want to first thank you for being with T-Mobile for over a decade (which isn't common these days) and for serving our country (my husband is an Army veteran). You've supported us through so many changes and have shed a positive light on our brand for quite some time.


        I'm incredibly sorry this happened to you. It sounds like you asked all the right questions prior to switching your plan over and I for one wouldn't willingly give up a 15% discount. Misinformation was clearly provided as the T-Mobile One plans do not qualify for a monthly discount. You've also spent a lot of time on the phone with us (and called us back more than needed) to where this should have been completely ironed out by now.


        We need to make this right and get your account straightened back out. I understand that you may be pretty fed up with customer service right now but I urge you to contact T-Force (our social media customer service team). They should be able to get you squared away as there's no need to transfer between departments. You can contact them by selecting the Facebook or Twitter icon in my signature or by going here.

        • drnewcomb2

          I recommend you get your T-Mobile phones unlocked and port over to Cricket bringing your T-Mobile phones. They have some very good plans. About the only down-sides are 1) no tethering and 2) no international roaming.

            • shpphone

              Re: 14 Year Customer Leaving After Bait & Switch

              Dr. Newcomb.  Thanks for the advice.  But, I'd really wanted to stay with T-Mobile.  I took Amanda's advice and contacted the T-Force group.  It took a while, but they found a way to make things right!  It was truly a team effort but I am cautiously optimistic that we got there.


              For others in a similar boat, I guess I'd say to definitely try contacting T-Force before giving up.  I know it's frustrating and can take time, but (at least for me I think) it's worth the effort.

                • drnewcomb2

                  Re: 14 Year Customer Leaving After Bait & Switch

                  That's super! Sometimes T-Force can work wonders. I've always considered T-Mobile ONE to be a slick marketing ploy to increase EBITDA, while making the customers believe they were getting something special. I probably would not sign up for T-Mobile service today because that's all they're offering now. The old tiered data plans with data stash were much better.

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Re: 14 Year Customer Leaving After Bait & Switch

                    Good morning, shpphone!


                    Man, I'm so happy to read your reply. It's still an unpleasant situation but it sounds like we're on better terms now. I was a part of T-Force for over 4 years so I know how much teamwork can be involved at times. Keep us posted if there's anything else we can help out with.