T-mobile promotion credits not being applied to my account


    I took advantage (or what I thought was an advantage) of a promotional offer T-mobile was running between September 9 through to the 25th of the same month. The offer stated that you could trade in an iPhone 6/6s and receive an iPhone 7 at 0 cost (credits applied to account over a 24 month period). I signed up for the promotion on September 15, I have the receipt I was sent over an email(50$ activation/assistance fee), the document I signed with the date and copies of the promotional advertisement.


    I received the phone on the first week of October with instructions that I must send in the iPhone 6 within 2 weeks after receiving the iPhone 7. Which I sent right away. I did not receive any credits to my account so I called for 4 straight months asking whats going on, and every time I got a different answer, with them claiming I should wait till the next month and the same thing kept happening, I then called back several more times this month and asked to speak to a supervisor , two of which put me on hold then hung up on me. One of the customer service reps told me they can apply the credits to my account but I would have to call every month and go through the same horrible customer service repeatedly.  I finally got in touch with another supervisor, and they told me that because I received my phone in October that I no longer qualify for the promotion which is completely illogical considering I signed  the agreement and upgraded well within the time limit, September 15th) and its T-mobiles fault I received my phone that late. They told me I would receive another phone call that day so they could investigate. They called back making a different claim that the promotion  stated that I must sign up for T-mobile one, I have the advertisement and it did not state any of that, not only that but I have other family members that applied for the same exact promotion who did not sign up for T-mobile one who received their credit, they also received the iPhone 7 in October to it being back-ordered.


    So at this point I have been hung up on and lied to, im not sure who else to contact to get this resolved. This is the first time I have had any problems on T-mobile and I enjoy the service but this situation is a complete nightmare.

    Anyone who has gone through a similar situation have any advice?

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