Questions and Feedback Concerning DIGITS


    I've been a member of the DIGITS beta for a while, but had issues posting to the T-Mobile Support Community, so I can finally chime in. I have some bugs, questions, and feedback for DIGITS.




    1. Calls to my T-Mobile LineLink only ring the DIGITS iOS app when the app is running in the background. Would be great if this worked with Apple's Push Notification Service so if DIGITS isn't running in the background, LineLink calls still work.


    2. Message banner notifications are hit and miss in the DIGITS iOS app. They appear all the time when the app is running in the background, but when the app is not running in the background, sometimes only the message tone chimes, but no banner notifications. Might want to ensure DIGITS is properly working with Apple's Push Notification Service.


    3. Windows app disconnects from the DIGITS service when my PC transitions from Ethernet to Wi-Fi, as well as does so when I put my PC into sleep mode at night and wake it the next day. Would like to see the Windows app better handle transitions from Ethernet to Wi-Fi, as well as remain connected to DIGITS when I awake my PC from sleep each morning after putting my PC to sleep the night before.




    1. Will there be a DIGITS app for Apple Watch and Android Wear? I currently own an Apple Watch and would like to monitor DIGITS through my Apple Watch. I'm considering moving to a cellular-equipped Android Wear watch in the future, and I'd like to see DIGITS integration with it.


    2. I have ONE Plus International on my primary line. When making international calls through the DIGITS app, do I need to ensure I set the line to my primary line (instead of a line such as my LineLink) to ensure the calls are billed under ONE Plus International?


    3. My contacts and calendar is in Office 365 Exchange Online using multi-factor authentication. How can I successfully connect my Office 365 Exchange Online account to DIGITS?




    1. I would like to see T-Mobile Advanced Messaging and T-Mobile Video Calling in the DIGITS app, so so matter what phone I own (I own an iPhone at the moment but considering Android for my next phone), I can take advantage of T-Mobile Advanced Messaging and T-Mobile Video Calling (which I can't do with my iPhone at the moment). The DIGITS app would be a great platform to rollout all of T-Mobile's future communication technologies to ensure all phones can take advantage of them, not just certain phones.


    2. I would like to see T-Mobile Name ID 2.0 added to the DIGITS app, so no matter what phone I'm on, I could take advantage of it. I can only use Name ID at a basic level with my iPhone, and by adding it to the DIGITS app, every phone and every platform can use it.


    3. I have Voicemail to Text on my primary line, so I'd like to see Voicemail to Text added to the DIGITS app. If I later add it to my LineLink, then it could enable this feature for my LineLink in the DIGITS app as well.


    4. I'd like to see custom message tones in the app so I could use one of my custom tones for messages.


    5. I may want to see a Do Not Disturb option that can silence other lines (such as my LineLink) at certain times at night.




    I think a basic version of DIGITS that allows someone to use their phone number across multiple devices should be free for everyone after it leaves beta, and all new T-Mobile customers are automatically enrolled in DIGITS. For additional premium features, those could be available to ONE Plus and ONE Plus International subscribers, allowing people to simply add on ONE Plus or ONE Plus International for the features instead of needing to pay for a separate DIGITS feature. For those needing to add extra numbers to DIGITS, that could either be a separate line feature or include so many additional virtual lines with ONE Plus and ONE Plus International.

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Questions and Feedback Concerning DIGITS

        Thanks for all the great feedback!  I think many of these have been addressed in some of your other threads, but a few might not have been answered yet, so here goes:



        1. I think they may not have provisioned your Linelink line with the proper version of the rate plan that is DIGITS enabled.  It would be worth having someone check that out for you.  Easiest way is to call the DIGITS special care number and ask there.  Have them tell you the exact name of the "SOC" for the linelink line so that we can check that it's the right one.


        2.  The app needs to be running at least in the background not just for push notifications but also for some of the other call handling.  The main reason is related to the fact that we also push calls directly to your native number and we only do that when the app is active to ensure that you "the user" are still wanting the numbers sent directly to the device.  If we were only say using "data mode" then we could have a different design, but since we want to ensure the best possible experience, this appears to be a limitation.


        3. We can definitely look more into that.  I know that on my PC the app is transitioning between networks and in/out of sleep.  It usually takes a minute or so to reconnect but it appears to do so.  Seems like that this doesn't sound like what is happening for you.  Not sure yet what would be different.



        Have been answered in some other threads :-)



        1. Advanced messaging already is in the DIGITS client.  In fact is built on top of that technology.  Video Calling is something we're actively looking at for inclusion as well.

        2.  Not sure what that is that you're reference, but I'll take a look

        3. Already supported in the application, it's just a little different in that it comes as a message thread at the moment

        4. Great idea, I'll have it added to the future enhancement list (if possible)

        5. You can turn the line off in the app for the times you don't want to be disturbed, though having custom hours for each night/weekday/weekend is something that we've been thinking about



        Thanks for the info, though can't comment on anything relative to this.


        Again, thank you for all the thoughtful feedback and other information!  Thanks for giving DIGITS a try.

          • mallardnathan

            Thanks for the info! Replies below:




            1. Sounds good and will do. Do you happen to know what the number is to T-Mobile DIGITS Special Care, or should I just message T-Force on Facebook? I think I also have your email, so I can email you as well if you need to check this.


            2. Got it. It's fine if I have to run in background. I'll keep it running in background and glad to have clarity on this. Might be good to add this somewhere in the app's help documentation so people know to keep it running in background to ensure all functionality works.


            3. I can run some more tests on this with the newer builds and see what happens and report back. Maybe an update resolved some of this.




            1. Great. Now I just need to try it out. :-) Video Calling would be great too.

            2. See: T-Mobile Name ID Adding this to the DIGITS app instead of needing a separate app would be great.

            3. OK great. So I just need to check text messages to read these, correct?

            4. Excellent!

            5. Sounds good.

              • stevew407

                Re: Questions and Feedback Concerning DIGITS

                Are we getting T-Mobile Name ID in the Digits Beta?

                On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 10:46 AM mallardnathan <>

                • tmo_evan

                  Re: Questions and Feedback Concerning DIGITS

                  On T-Mobile Name ID comment, this is built into the phone's software - thus when the DIGITS functionality is built into the experience such as on the Samsung GS6,7 & 8 - this functionality just happens.


                  For phones that were sourced from T-Mobile, this should be part of the native dialer as well and thus when you receive a phone call (and it comes to the native dialer (even when it's from one of your other lines and identified as such) it should utilize NameID in the same way that a regular call would.  Thus it should work when you leave the application in the native mode (use minutes).


                  I was confused when you were talking about version 2 of an app since it's not an app any more it should simply be preloaded as part of the phone's overall software.


                  Hope that helps!

                    • mallardnathan

                      Here's what I was referring to on the Name ID app: T-Mobile Name ID app It seems the "Name ID 2.0" app is pre-installed on select Android phones from T-Mobile. What I was referring to was looking at moving this from a pre-installed app to a downloadable app on the App Store or Play Store or even better, integrate the functionality into the DIGITS app. Then no matter what phone one uses, they can take advantage of "Name ID 2.0"'s features (instead of just Name ID only). This would especially be ideal for the Google Pixel and iPhone. Plus having everything in the DIGITS app would be better than launching a separate app.


                      Eventually what I'm recommending is instead of T-Mobile releasing separate apps for calling/messaging features (Visual Voicemail, Name ID, etc.), it converges everything under the DIGITS app, making it a "unified communications" app and platform for T-Mobile. It just makes a lot of sense to do everything in one app.




                    You seriously need to stop posting responses to people's questions to make it seem as though you are part of T-mobile, work for them, or have any direct communication with those in T-mobile that matter.


                    "We can definitely look more into that." - No you can't, you don't work for Tmobile, that's not your call to make.

                    "we also push calls directly to your native number" Again, there's no WE, its T-mobile does that, and again you are not part of T-mobile.

                    "Video Calling is something we're actively looking" - Again you have no idea what T-mobile is looking into, YOU DONT WORK FOR THEM!

                    I understand you want to help people resolve their issues, but its devious trying to come off like you can actually make something happen, work for Tmobile, etc when that is a lie. So stop scamming people.

                      • stevew407

                        These threads are confusing me. So obviously not user friendly? Or?

                        On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 11:07 AM <

                        • mallardnathan

                          FYI, evanmf is a T-Mobile employee. He's actually the DIGITS team lead. I've communicated with him via email on numerous occasions (to a T-Mobile email), and Neville Ray introduced me to Evan during the beginning of the DIGITS beta. For a while, I had to email all my feedback to Evan since my support community account was having issues getting logged in.


                          So any posts from evanmf are from a real T-Mobile employee and the DIGITS top leader. He just doesn't broadcast it.


                          BTW, I'm not a T-Mobile employee (just a happy customer), but I've had extensive communication with the T-Mobile exec team and Executive Response (I'm an executive at an IT firm so I've had the privilege of communicating with the awesome folks on the exec team) which is why you may have heard me mention Exec Response before. Evan is excellent as well and a great leader on DIGITS.

                          • justins567

                            So ive watched this tread digress over the last hours... and decided i wanted to step in after this pathetic comment was made,


                            Marshall i'm not particularly sure who you are, or who you think you are...  but your response here is just asinine and childish.


                            I cant personally confirm or deny if tmo_evan does or doesn't work for t mobile or is part of the digits team, BUT i can personally confirm he is more then capable of helping people.  I have personally worked with Evan on multiple occasions for multiple issues, and he has been extremely responsive, informative and exceptionally helpful.  its members like Evan that has made this beta experience enjoyable.  I have also seen items i discussed directly with him both fixed and improved.    Thanks to Evan and the rest of the digits team i have been using digits for a couple months now with very few issues.

                            I see Evan respond to nearly every single thread in some form or another.. to me that speaks to his dedication to make this awesome, and to his personality as a person more then willing to help.  Heck, ive gotten responses from him at late hours of the night... 


                            so who cares if he works or doesn't work for Tmobile,  why would you get on here to berate and belittle someone trying to improve a product by working directly with the customer... you obviously dont know the FIRST thing about customer service.


                            tmo_evan  Keep doing your thing man!  you've been an exceptional asset during this beta!  Im sure i speak for many others, we greatly appreciate your time!

                              • tmo_lauren

                                Re: Questions and Feedback Concerning DIGITS

                                Seems like there is definitely come confusion in here and I wanted to take a moment to clarify.


                                Evan is indeed not only an employee here at T-Mobile, but one of our directors and the project lead for DIGITS. He's been kind enough despite this lofty role to be responding to customer questions and concerns surrounding DIGITS alongside the Community Managers. When a Community Manager responds to a post on here about DIGITS where we advise we will be finding more info, that info is coming directly from Evan or one of his underlings.


                                That said, confusion is certainly understandable, he doesn't have the same identifiers the mainstay employees have as they are designated for those who work in the Support site org, Evan is just here helping so the DIGITS team on his own initiative and drive to make the beta better.


                                He's definitely a fantastic resource and we can't thank him enough for assisting. Having the project lead directly apart of the beta community has only helped the improvement and progression of the beta itself! I hope that helps clear any uneasiness and if you have any other questions, never hesitate to tag myself or any of the Community Managers!





                                  • mallardnathan

                                    Thanks Lauren for affirming everything. BTW, I actually had the privilege to talk with Evan via phone during the initial beginnings with DIGITS, and Evan was just as excellent at getting me onboarded onto DIGITS as he has been chiming into the discussions here. I also appreciate the time and effort he took with me until my support community account issues were situated so I could chime in here instead of emailing him directly with all my feedback. He's a valuable asset to the T-Mobile team, and the DIGITS team is in the finest of hands with him at the lead.


                                    In terms of the Exchange syncing issues, the Exchange syncing function wasn't fully functional at the start of the DIGITS beta (I even emailed Evan about this directly). Now that the beta has progressed, I wanted to see if the Exchange syncing was more functional (I didn't bore the community with all of that discussion in my original post and merely asked the question and moved on). I wanted to clarify if I'm on MFA that I needed to go the app password route before mucking with with Exchange setup, and when I confirmed it is the direction to go, not only did I successfully link DIGITS to Exchange, but I posted back with the instructions on how to do so in case others need them. I realize there's a few more issues with Exchange (such as integration with the iOS app), but this is a beta, and I'm willing to encounter the bugs in order to help squash them before the final production version ships. In terms of Exchange itself, I'm my company's Exchange IT admin, and I have successfully done multiple deployments of Office 365 and am transitioning all my clients of Office 365, so I'm well-experienced with the in's and out's of Office 365 and how to get under the hood of it (including PowerShell).


                                    Lastly, the T-Mobile Community "may" want to consider disallowing email addresses for usernames (just a suggestion), as public display of email addresses are a quick and easy way to ensure spammers and scammers bombard one's inbox. I try to do my best to avoid public displays of my email addresses as much as possible. It's simply a wise practice to avoid spammers and scammers hitting one's inbox.



                            • mallardnathan



                              Update on Windows app and transitioning between Ethernet and Wi-Fi and Sleep Mode:


                              The app is now successfully re-connecting to the DIGITS service between Ethernet and Wi-Fi, as well as when I put my PC to sleep at night and awake it from sleep the following day. I even had a brief Internet hiccup, and DIGITS re-connected itself automatically afterwards.


                              So this is functioning flawlessly now.



                              • tmo_marissa



                                This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!