Ridiculous Number of Problems Since Day 1 And NO RESOLUTION


    I'm entirely fed up. I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T In 12/16 as I was leaving AT&T as an employee and my bill was going to skyrocket. I was told my the Store Representative (Mill Creek, WA) that not only was I going to get the 4th line free, but I'd get 200 gift cards for both EIP phones I transferred, the free Samsung Galaxy S7 (that I then got for my brother as a holiday gift). Come January - Absolutely none of this had happened. I called, someone adjusted some plans and credited me for the 4th line. Went into a store in February - the rep called in and they credited me the 4th line, and said to call customer service re: phone and other promos. March comes, my bill is still ridiculously high. I call. Rep # 1242314 explains that she can't do anything about the 4th line because the promo had "ended" when my service was activated. I'm ticked off, because I was promised this.. But she says she can make it look like the phone had been paid off, and on 3/27 go in a credit the amount back. Tells me to try the website for the 200 gift cards, which of course doesn't work because it's past cutoff - even though the shady representative gave me NO information regarding needing to do anything myself.

    Here we are on 4/12 and I'm currently ON THE PHONE with yet another representative who has luckily offered to credit me the cost of the phone as it was promised. But, here's the kicker- NO ONE can do anything about the 400 I was screwed out of, the 4th line free discount, AND I STILL haven't heard a damn thing about my switcher cards to pay my final AT&T bill that I submitted two months ago. I'm sick of it. There's no way for me to reach anyone who can do anything about it. The Tmo promotions page phone # hung up on me numerous times. I've submitted two requests for calls via the form and haven't received a single one.


    Enough is enough. Working at a competitors company in a call center, for a brief time as a supervisor, I KNOW someone has to be able to get stuff done. And I need someone to do so. I'm furious and frustrated and ready to leave the company, except I can't because with this outstanding AT&T bill another company won't approve my credit to open a new account without massive deposits. Fun, that.


    Someone needs to give me a number to speak to a real person in regards to the promotions promised and my switcher credit. Or the executive complaints information. I'm done with this to an extent that I can't possibly begin to explain. I've done the dance, I've been on the other side of the phone which is why up til now I've tried to remain polite. But something needs to be able to be done in regards to the situation. I've upheld my end of the bargain. Someone on the other side needs to do theirs.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Goodness, we haven't left a great first impression at all and I'm truly sorry for that, manarose4. From the sounds of it, there has been a lack of information and clarification on the promos discussed. The $200 Magenta Port-In offer isn't compatible with the Carrier Freedom promo which may not have been explained. I cannot say for sure why the 4th line free isn't automatically applying a credit to your account every month as we do not have access to customer account information on the Support Community. I highly recommend reaching out to T-Force, our social media customer care team, by following the Facebook or Twitter icon in my signature. They're top-notch folks that do a fantastic job at getting to the bottom of tough situations such as yours.

          • manarose4

            While I understand what you're telling me in regards to the Magenta

            port-in, the point remains that I was promised it. The store representative

            VERY explicitly stated that both were compatible - otherwise why would

            someone do it? The port-in offer only gave you credit for phones that you

            were transferring in that HAD an installment plan on them. Or at least

            that's what I was told. I very specifically asked. My partner was there. He

            was considering switching to you as well shortly, but this disaster has

            him considering other companies.

            I was told that the 4th line free promo had ended by another rep when I

            activated the account. Again, that is beside the point. I'm a new customer

            with MANY lines and I was told I would receive this promotion. If it had

            ended and the representative lied to me, that is not MY problem.

            The fact that I still haven't seen or heard regarding my submitted

            documents regarding my payoff is another problem entirely. Of course, I

            wasn't wise enough to screenshot/print  the submission page at the time I

            submitted, which I should have known better.

            I'll contact the team you suggested, and I truly hope that they can figure

            out a way to make this right.