After 3/4 yrs  and five lines all I am worth is $20 ? come on T!


    I just spend 2 weeks trying to get my iPhone 6s unlocked because a representative made a mistake. I called back 5 times and spent hours on the phone. I had to pay my phone off twice and I am only offered $20 credit for waisting my time for 2 weeks? come on tmobile thats just insulting how is that fair ?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Wow! This is completely mind-blowing and really disappointing at the same time. I find it really strange you had to pay your phone off twice. Were you given any specifics as to why the phone didn't show up as being paid off the first time? Normally the unlock process doesn't take 2 weeks, so this is also really puzzling. Keep in mind, here on our forum, we don't have the tools to look at your account and look at this further. We'd need the help of a Care or T-Force specialist to open your account and look at the history of your calls to see exactly what happened to continue to work something out with you. I do understand calling might not be your first choice considering how often you've done that already, but it's also important that we make sure we've done everything we can to help you. You're welcome to Contact Us and get in touch with our Care or T-Force team through our social channels. I'm bummed knowing we've caused you to feel this way, but I do think speaking with the right team is worth it to get you the help you need.