How to add a SyncUP DRIVE™ device to my account?


    I have a single phone with the T-Mobile ONE plan on my account, but will probably add a second phone soon.


    The SyncUP DRIVE™ device looks interesting; what plan, at what cost, supports the device? Are various data allotments available?


    I poked around the Web site and found a good description of the hardware, but nothing about how to get it connected.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey rbob!  I hope you were able to find some answers to this - but you can take a look here for a little bit of information about ordering SyncUP and the current costs (it's a deal!): T-Mobile Sync Up Drive.  Basically, you'd add a line for the SyncUP - not a voice line, but a mobile internet line - and then you'd chose how much data you want, which would dictate your price.  You can order online, over the phone, or in your local store - though it might not hurt to give them a call first to check availability.  I'd also recommend a compatibility check, if you haven't done one already!


        - Marissa

          • rbob

            Thanks. Mobile device (not a phone) line makes obvious sense, which is why I couldn't figure it out


            Car's compatible, but because VW has been playing games with the names it uses for US models, I'm going to have to ask the dealer where the socket is.


            Even without the mobile hotspot feature, it looks like a really useful driving accessory.