State Warranty laws


    Has anyone else run into his?

    Maine has a implied warranty law, which states:

    The Maine Implied Warranty is the little known law that protects Maine consumers from being sold seriously defective items. It can be an Unfair Trade Practice to refuse to honor the Maine Implied Warranty Law within four years of sale

    Office of the Maine AG: Consumer Protection: Consumer Law Guide

    However when I attempted to have my defective LG G4 replaced after 13 months the local T-Mobile store told me to pound sand and there was nothing they could do for me. Even when I showed them a print out of the law and explained myself the store employee asked me if I was "A lawyer" sarcastically.

    That is beside the point though, my question stands has anyone else run into this before?

    Thank you

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: State Warranty laws

        Hey there, asuitor!  First off, I'm glad the state of Maine has your back.  Secondly, the only sand we should be telling you to pound is on a fine white beach while you're running for a killer surf break (with your phone safely stored in a locker somewhere on the boardwalk), so I'm super sorry if we gave you a flippant response when you asked what I think seems like a totally legit question.

        When you have device trouble (and a bootloop definitely should qualify as that), we can help you Exchange a device under warranty because we offer a supplemental phone replacement program for T-Mobile branded equipment purchased from us.  That said, it's not necessarily the same as the manufacturer's one year warranty on their equipment.  There is a fee for the service we render in replacing a phone, but it's designed to make our customers' lives a little easier with a quicker turnaround and more hands-on help than completing a warranty return/repair/replacement through the manufacturer themselves.  Disclaimer: I do not work for our legal team, so this is just a guess - but I'd assume that since we don't manufacture the equipment and the warranty isn't ours in that sense, you'd want to contact the manufacturer to discuss the additional protection afforded by this law with them.  I have definitely seen users on this forum mention that this specific manufacturer did work with them to replace equipment outside of 12 months for this specific error - of course, that's anecdotal, but it does make me a little more optimistic that you wouldn't be wasting your time to contact them and see what they can offer.  Please keep us posted on how that plays out!


        - Marissa