I trade my phone for IPhone 7 on November 2016 . I mailed in my old  iphone 6  back to T mobile, followed  T-Mobile returned instructions &  using the trade in return label that came in the new iphone 7 box . They RECEIVED my phone but I did not get ANY credits.

    I had been calling t-mobile service every month. First, second month  the representative told me that I had to wait for their cycle lalala… then  they told me wait again. Last month I called T mobile customer service again, she credited me some to my account and she said: “ It will be credited  to my account every month. I did not see any credit for this month so I called again . The new representative this time told me that Phone had some issue on the phone was still Turn ON, furthermore time frame for this promotion had been expired and she offered credit for ONLY $50.

    On the other side I had been given out my phone for free and have to pay $31.25/ monthly for each phone from November until two year later..

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Iphone 7 trade in PROBLEMS

        Did you remove the iTunes Activation lock as directed?  I know that usually gets some folks since the phone cannot be "refurbished" and resold because it has the activation lock on it which is to prevent thieves from stealing a iphone, wiping it and then reselling it.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Iphone 7 trade in PROBLEMS

          Hey there nailclub.  I'm so sorry to read about your experience with the trade-in program.  If you followed the instructions on the return label, then I'm sure you would have disabled the feature as I know this is called out clearly - even in the trade-in steps we discuss that there is no credit for equipment shipped with the activation lock or Find My iPhone still enabled!  Typically you'd have an opportunity to discuss this during a window in the evaluation process by checking up on the trade-in through MyTMobile or via message update.
          Since the Support Community is a public forum, we don't have account access to be able to look into your particulars here and make sure that we provided ample opportunity to review this with you.  But I definitely would encourage you to have us take another look at this so that we can ensure we've done all we can to help out with this situation.  I know you've already contacted us a few times, but can you try reaching out to our T-Force team through Twitter or Facebook?  Since you're already online, that might be a great forum for you to receive support; in those channels we can verify your account and see what's been happening.  Thank you for taking the time to post here and let us know about this - I'm sorry that it didn't go more smoothly for you and I hope we can do more to help out.


          - Marissa