Phone connects to verizon but not t-mobile


    Im frantically trying to figure this issue out as my Galaxy S6 is 2 months past warranty.  For some reason today, without any changes being made to the phone, my phone stopped connecting to t-mobile network.  i can use wifi, but not lte.  i just get the bars triangle with an x in it.  after doing everything possible, including a flash reset from samsung switch, It still refuses to connect.  Residing to the fact that its probs a hardware issue, I left it over night.  This morning I had a though...if its  hardware issue, why does it still find all 3 networks



    at t

    in a long shot I tried connecting to verizon and it DID.  I get 4 bars.  Obvs I cant do anything on the network because my phone will not register on it..but it does connect.


    What could possibly cause this issue??

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