hi... i used the trade in promotion plan by giving my iphone 6...

    at first couple of months T mobilecustomer service people said it takes 2 months to update the bill... so i paid extra 27 bugs on my bill.... in 3 rd month they said your are not approved for offer... after i went to t mobile store at marina delrey... there store representative Huwiat follow up with customer care it took couple of months... after 6 months now store people are telling ... my iphone 6 phone was not at ware house..... and USPS track says ... status unavailable.... AT LAST I FIGURED OUT THAT RETURN LABEL WHICH T MOBILE SENT TO ME DOESN'T HAS TRACKING ...so USPS doesn't shows tracking info....


    now t mobile manager of marina del rey ... asking me to show the proof where is the mobile..... how can i get that info ... since return label was created by T mobile and they missed the info of tracking number.... its not my fault... not store manager telling then they can't do any thing... in other way i lost my mobile and need to pay for iphone 7 in total.......



    can any of the community manager help me in this...thanks in advance

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh man. This is always such a horrible thing when this happens. I assure you, the trade in is not supposed to be this difficult. If I could take a guess, I'd say the the label you used was probably addressed to our warehouse in TX instead of Assurant's location in PA. There is an escalation path to help you redeem the offer. You'd want to Contact Us and get our Care or T-Force team to take a look at the IMEI you sent back to us. They can send  up an escalation for this exact situation and help shine some light on this issue. I'm so bummed this hasn't gone so smoothly, but if you give our Care team a chance to escalate this, we can have our team investigate this for you.

        • rajendra.surapuram@gmail.com

          thanks mike for the reply... i got below email from the Assurants  "

          T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request
          Handset Order Reference:  07011540

          Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We show no record of the equipment being received by our warehouse. Please allow up to 7 business days from the date the package is delivered to the warehouse to allow time to confirm the contents of the package. If it is past the 7 business days, you may want to contact the shipper concerning the shipment.

          Thank You,

          Handset Order Research Department
          T-Mobile USA, Inc.


          i checked with USPS where i drop off location ... they asked me to contact USPS customer care.... T mobile store rep.. help me in contacting USPS ..they said they don't have any info.....



          here i am struggling and got blamed .. for T mobile , as they sent me wrong return label....


          please let me know to whom i need to contact to resolve the issue..