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    How does one on a no contract plan such as myself register the previously unlocked but now installed T Mobile SIM device for Blackberry Internet Service on T Mobile?

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        EDIT: I should have asked what device. Only the legacy BBOS models require BIS for BlackBerry services. The BB10 and BlackBerry Android models use regular carrier mobile data service. 


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        You will need a BIS account on your line of service through T-Mobile, and I'm assuming T-Mobile still supports BIS. I don't think anything needs to be done on your SIM. My memory is of a friend who acquired a second hand BlackBerry back in the day and simply added BIS to his account online.


        My advise is contact customer support and ask (a) if T-Mobile supports BIS and if it (b) ask to have BIS service added to your line.


        Some additional advice just in case:


        Once you have BIS on your line, your device needs to receive service books. This should happen when the device is started and it connects to the network but it doesn't always happen as it should.


        When the device receives service books you will get welcome mesages from BlackBerry. You will also see the little BlackBerry logo in the network status indicator. And the browser should work and you will see the option to setup Internet email.


        If you know BIS is on your line of service and you have waited for service books and it has been a few hours, then do the following:


        Make sure you have good signal and then remove the battery while the device is turned on. Wait 30 seconds or more and then put the battery back. After the device boots look for the signs I mention above.


        If the procedure above (known as a hard reset) doesn't work, then register the device on the network following the procedures at the link below.


        How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with the wireless network


        Wait for the registration message in the messages folder. If it doesn't appear after a few minutes then repeat the hard reset procedure.


        If you still don't receive service books then call T-Mobile customer service. Explain the problem and what you have done to troubleshoot. Ask the rep to make sure your account was setup properly, and ask the rep to resend service books.


        Good luck.

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        • tmo_marissa

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          Hey there!  It looks like aiharkness had some fantastic info to provide - were you able to get this working?  Hope you're browsing like mad on your BB as I type this!  Please let us know if you're still in need of assistance.


          - Marissa