One of the lines on my account has had a phone active for over a year with a phone that was on EIP and was recently paid off. I contacted customer service to get it unlocked but somehow it shows that that IMEI has never been active and actually shows a different phone on the line. Turns out it is a phone that was returned to T-Mobile almost 4 years ago, but is still active. I'm not sure how that makes sense. According to the reps I've spoken with the "system" takes about 5-7 days to register the active device that is in use and there's no way to manually enter/update the correct IMEI on the account. I'm not sure how to fix this since the "system" is obviously not going to to it automatically.

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      • e2k


        I suggest you work with T-Force to help resolve your issue.


        To contact T-Force

        Go to the Contact Us page and use the Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus link under in the “Social Support” section.

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        • tmo_marissa


          Hey melanie22!  I'm sorry that this is happening - it's not common at all, but sometimes the system that we rely on to update a line's IMEI with that of the device the SIM is placed in gets stuck on an older device used on that line.  It is definitely something a team with account access can file a ticket to have resolved!  If you have a chance to reach out to T-Force as e2k suggested, I'm confident we can get this fixed.


          - Marissa