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    I am sorry for even writing this but I feel that others should know how little you really care about your customers. I have not been a customer with T-Mobel for very just 7 short months. In that time I have always paid my bills without question. We also had about a two and a half month time that if I was at home I could not use my phone at all and we had a tower right down the street. T-mobel did credit me one month of service for the problem and I agreed to it. Knowing it should have been maybe two months but that was ok because it was giving so fast due to the issue.


    Now I found myself dealing with a family issue and had to go out of town.This will be the first time I could not pay my bill like I always do because of this trip. So I called to ask for a little help to get to Thursday just 3 days away. I have talked with 2 agents and 2 managers and I am just floored on what they were willing to do and I was even lucky to get that. The first manager looked at my account and agreed I never had a problem and said he could help me out. I am have to work while I am out here so I need my phone. He said no problem and put me on hold. When he came back and informed me that he did see the issues in the past and I always pay my bill on time. He was able to credit me 15 minutes for emergency calls only. Well let me just tell you he was better off just saying no! At least I could have respected that but 15 minutes is insulting. What really makes me laugh is when you all had the service issue at my house. They agent had no problem moving my date out 3 days without me even asking for it. However my guy thought 15 minutes was a wonderful option. I think it is a slap in the face and might be enough reason to move!




    Jayson B


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        Hey Jayson! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Support, wish we were welcoming you on better terms.


        Because Pay In Advance is not associated directly to any personal information (SSN or Tax ID) payment arrangements or extension aren't an available option. I know this won't ease the frustration much, but minute credits are basically a unicorn, so I do think the rep had your best interest at heart. That said, I realize it doesn't fix the issue at hand.


        The only account types eligible for extensions are ones associated with a SSN or Tax ID, I wish I had another option to provide and I hope everything goes the best it can in your situation. Most pay as you go types if not already a pay by the minute type can be converted to such and minutes can be added in denominations as low as $10.


        If there is anything else at all we can answer, please let us know!