No Internet / slow Internet in Manteno, IL


    Heritage Park, Manteno, IL, literally half a mile from 57 freeway. Big open field, phone shows LTE, but there's ZERO data going thru. Must be a mistake, restart the phone, same result: absolutely no connection. Chrome times out, times out. Pop out the TMO card, pop in a Straight Talk sim card running on AT&T into my Nexus 5X, and boom! 12mb down, 5 up. Put the TMO back in, and now I get Edge icon, with literally nothing. Same story standing inside Universal Studios in Hollywood. Friend is on cut rate Straight Talk plan for $45 a month and is getting full signal and 8+ download speeds, while I'm drifting in and out between no coverage and Edge. Very disappointed with TMO so far. I have previously tried other TMO MVNOs, but thought that their horrible coverage and speeds were a result of being de prioritized as lesser products. Now on TMO, it turns out that the coverage is just not there, and that the advertised speeds are far and few between in real life scenarios. I honestly don't need 10+ mb Internet on my phone for it to be perfect, but consistency would be nice on terms of coverage and speeds. Isn't TMO suppose to roam on partner networks when their own don't cover an area? It can't be the case that a cut rate MVNO like Straight Talk can offer better coverage at a lower price, granted it caps at 5gb, but still! First month on TMO and not happy or impressed. Screenshot_20170409-192046.png

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