SWITCHER17 denied


    On February 21 I ported two numbers from ATT to TMobile and signed up for One all in, which I have maintained continuously. On April 4 my request for $300 (2 X $150) was denied with a very generic explanation.


    "This rebate offer requires an active line on a T-Mobile qualifying rate plan with mimimum data feature as specified in the rebate terms and the maintaining of active service on the qualified rate plan at the time the request is processed to be eligible."

    Other than porting my number and paying my bill, what more is required to receive the rebate?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: SWITCHER17 denied

        Yikes!  This blanket explanation isn't helpful when you're missing out on $300, I'm so sorry about that! 

        The circumstances you've outlined actually sound like a perfect fit for this promotion.  You've ported from an eligible carrier, you're on an eligible plan, you mentioned that you've kept your account in good standing - on the surface, I can't think of any reason why your request would be declined.  It's hard to say for sure without being able to review the particulars, but there are a few things I can ask to rule out potential conflicts - I do know that this promotion isn't stackable with many of the other offers we currently have for new customers, did you apply for any other promotions?  Also, this isn't available to customers who recently ported out and are porting back to T-Mobile (although we are more than happy to have them return to the fold) - does that describe your situation at all? 


        - Marissa

        • po'edcustomer

          Re: SWITCHER17 denied

          Received my $300 card in the mail today