$10 Stateside International Talk and Text (Prior to 7/15/15)


    WHat are the rate plans for subscribers of the $10 Stateside International Talk and Text Plan prior to 7/15/15 ?

    THe current list posted on T-Mobile website does not apply to me because I have purcased my $10 Plan prior to 7/15/15.


    Can T-Mobile Post online the rate plan for the diffrent countries (Thank You).

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, barcodeable


        Good question! We don't have an external version available which I know is a pain. I will absolutely pass along the feedback to see if we can make this happen. In the meantime, is there a specific country you'd like me to look-up the rates for?

          • barcodeable

            Can you please tell me the rates for the countries listed below for those who obtained the Stateside International Talk & Text prior to 7/15/15 (Thank You).







            I can see (based on T-Mobile's website) for those who joined this plan after 7/15/15 the rate is:


            Italy (Land line $0.00 / Mobile $0.20)

            Nepal (Land line $1.72 / Mobile $1.73)

            Russia (Land line $0.00 / Mobile $0.20)

            Uzbekistan (Land line $0.00 / Mobile $0.20)


            I was just curious to know what the differences were from the subscribers who had the service prior to 7/15/15 vs subscribers getting the service after that date.


            The T-Mobile site clearly says to contact customer service to obtain information concerning rates for subscribers who purchased this plan prior to 7/15/15.

          • barcodeable

            This is the plan i have .IMG_9906.PNG

              • tmo_amanda

                Wonderful! Thanks for replying so fast. Here are the rates based upon your grandfathered Stateside International Talk & Text plan:


                Italy (Landline $0.00 / Mobile $0.00)

                Nepal (Landline $1.49 / Mobile $1.49)

                Russia (Landline $0.00 / Mobile $0.20)

                Uzbekistan (Landline $0.00 / Mobile $0.20)


                There weren't too many changes except the mobile calls in Italy being $0.00 and the overall rates in Nepal were reduced.


                If you ever need us to check out other rates in the future, we've got your back. I know it's a bit of a pain but you can count on us!

                  • barcodeable

                    Thank you for your assistance. I'm very appreciative for the help you have provided, but it would be awesome to have a way to view these rates ourselves and not have to bug you for answers. My wife calls her family in Italy all of the time (Landline/Mobile) and I would hate to have a rate change occur and not be informed of it until we received an enormous bill :(


                    I would trade in my Lyft credits for an app or something that can keep me updated concerning international calling rates. Hmm,that  would be an awesome feature to incorporate into the T-Mobile Tuesday App :)