My experience with tmobile: a horror story


    Okay, switched over in january, bought the Lg V20(still current device) one plus plan. Over all was pretty satisfied for about 2 weeks when afterwards the data connection completely and catastrophically changed. From then till now this phone of mine drops data constantly, even jumps to the edge network and others while lte is available. Manually selecting network has even caused reactions ranging from my phone  losing the use of the network radio entirely to forced restarts and other bizarre events. On a daily basis loading any random website from google, amazon, yahoo, ookla, you name it has caused complete drop of network.


    So any help or info on why all of those things... Would be greatly appreciated. If screenshots of my phones network status or of the events are of any interest ill happily add them. Oh yeah and every app attempted to download fails on ceremony after some pathetic download rate and meager % completed. Also my bandwith speeds are some where around

    Down- 0.45 mbps Up- 25.00 mbps

    Why the hell is that?


    What ive done to try to fix whatever

    8,000+ Factory resets both through buttons and in UI

    Switched sim card twice

    Wrote this sos

    Ineffectually removed the battery & sim card then wept

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