How to make a call on S7 with voice??


    Can someone please tell me how to make a call from my phone without using the keyboard? Before the update to Nougat, I would be about to press the little Mic symbol and say, "Call John Doe" and it would just bring up any name that was in request or close to that name. Or it would ask "which number would you like to call:- home or mobile?" and I would simple respond with and answer.

    Now when I try to do this, my response is (After waiting 30 seconds) "Sorry, could not find contact!" OR it does an internet search..


    I'm a driver by trade, I can't  dial a number and watch the road. when I ask my phone to cal John Doe, please just call John and not tell me there isn't a John Doe in my contacts when CLEARLY, John Doe is list as clearly in my contact as the sky is blue.

    Am I doing something wrong, is there something turned off or on, is this feature no longer available???? Please help me out here.

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