What are ddifferences in features between LG G6 and the LG V20?


    The V20 has removable battery. 

    Does the V20 have 2 SIM slots?  

    It is now more than about $250-$300 cheaper than the G6. 

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      • tidbits

        V20 doesn't have dual sims

          • tidbits

            Display type The g6 has a newer generation with GG5

            G6 has higher resolution

            G6 is "waterproof" (IP68 iirc)

            G6 has wireless charging (in the US I believe)

            V20 has a second display(useless imho)

            V20 is "shock proof" screen is GG4 but screen still can be cracked/broken


            That's all I can think off the top of my head. I had the V20 and I returned it on day 10 due to boot looping.

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              • miket

                Thanks Tidbits and Marissa!

                I have the G4 which started  the "bootloop problem".  I was hoping it had been corrected by the V20.  Guess that's off my list.

                   Guess we won't know for a while if the G6 is "operational".   The only other high end phone that is TM branded is the S8.

                    Carrying phone brands w. consistent problems has to cause TM problems w. unhappy customers.


                     LG did fix my original bootloop 15 months after I bought it.  (Bought 7/15-fixed 11/16)    Starting In Feb. of 17, now have to do battery pull 2-3 times/day.  Hoping I can wait out a couple months past G6 and S8 releases to see users hand on reviews.


                     I want TM branded phones because of wifi calling and lately - their video calling feature - done w. one touch.  And we know they have all the TM band coverage.

                  • tidbits

                    I can give you a G6 and S8+ review in a sense about how I feel about them. Right now rocking the G6. So far so good but can't say about bootloops until a few months out in 99% of the cases.

                    As far as the S8 and the battery someone already broke their battery on purpose (we'll accident cutting the phone in 1/2 and tried to stop before hitting the battery) and the result was VERY promising.

                    • stevetjr

                      One other big difference is the S8 has the new snapdragon 835 and they are the only ones that have it for now.  Samsung bought all of Qualcomm's production thru the first half of the year for sure so it will be late in the year before anyone else can launch a phone with it.  835 is a major uptick in processor since it goes from 14nm to 10nm so a lot faster but uses 25% power and lowers the heat output. The other major benefit is that it has the new Qualcomm X16 modem that has the potential of almost near GB speeds. Granted it will be an outdated modem by the end of the year when the X20 comes out which supports the upcoming 600 band but unless you have major reception issues or just really have to have it, that spectrum really won't really start to roll in until later in 2018 so would not hold off on an upgrade now just to get it especially with the X16 really rocking it.


                      As for removable battery, especially with the IP68 rating becoming almost a minimum standard expect pretty much all the flagship phones to have sealed batteries. As tidbits mentioned though, I saw the video where they sawed an S8 in half and not only did the Gorilla Glass 5 put up a fight when they hit the battery while it started swelling and hissing it didn't catch fire and then they tried just jamming metal into it and it would ignite.  I does look like they now wrap the battery in some kind of aluminum or metal foil.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey miket!  Did tidbits cover enough to help you make your decision?  I know it's kinda weird to recommend a third party site, but I used to use PhoneScoop's side by side comparison feature to narrow down phone choices for customers back in the day.  Are there any specific specs that are must-haves or deal-breakers for you?


                  - Marissa