Samsung Gear S3 LTE Watch Call experience?




    I was interested in purchasing the Gear S3 version and wanted to know if its worth spending the extra $$ for the LTE version?


    Are you able to call and receive phone calls from your Gear S3 T-mobile LTE watch independent of the phone? How has been the experience?

    Will it work with a non Samsung phone in same way too?




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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Samsung Gear S3 LTE Watch Call experience?

        Hey sballani82,


        This is really going to be a preference thing You can make an receive calls on the LTE version independent of the phone but it is going to show the number you get when you activate your watch with one of our wearable plans. You can set the watch to receive incoming SMS and calls made to your primary number on the watch when it is running independent from the phone but outgoing calls/texts will display the watch number. 


        As for using the watch with other non-Samsung phones, this is going to depend if the phone you want to use it with supports the Samsung Gear app as this is the app that allows the phone to pair with the watch and relay notifications.