Confirmation that TM now announces "Scam Likely" on incoming spam calls.


      Got a call.  Incoming call displayed alleged number and the above words.  (It was a scam - allegedly from Google wanting to help my business.)   Here is the code to enter to activate:



    -Mobile is enabling Scam ID and Scam Block for T-Mobile One customers on a rolling basis starting today. All new T-Mobile One customers will get the feature starting April 5. Other postpaid customers can enable Scam ID starting April 5 by dialing #ONI# (#664#) on their phone.

    To enable Scam Block, you can dial #ONB# (#662#), and you can dial #OFB# (#632#) to turn it off. You can also dial #STS# (#787#) to check whether Scam Block is on or off on your account.

    T-Mobile also says that it plans to roll out its Scam ID and Scam Block features to MetroPCS customers “later in April.”

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    The Scam ID lets the call come thru.  The scam block prevents the call from ringing.  I chose the ID option until I am sure they won't be mis-identifying calls.

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