Iphone 7 IMEI


    my iphone 7 from t-mobile and work on t-mobile sim but when icheck the number of imei on your site https://www.t-mobile.com/verifyIMEI.aspx/   . get this message :  We do not recognize the IMEI number you entered. Please try again or contact Customer Care . i want to get your explanation

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    Ahmad M


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      • e2k

        Re: Iphone 7 IMEI

        The phone works, right? Are you the original owner? If so, you've got nothing to be concerned about.


        If you are not the original owner and you bought the phone secondhand, I only hope that the phone has been fully paid off and has not and will not be reported lost/stolen/damaged and end of getting blacklisted.


        As far as the IMEI check is concerned, again, I wouldn't sweat it.

          • amk.kurdi

            Re: Iphone 7 IMEI

            No I've got it as a gift from a friend

            I have used one of the specialized checking devices and sent me a report

            Serial Number: F4JSM5****** Initial Activation Policy ID: 4000 MEID: Activation Policy Description: US Reseller Flex Policy IMEI: 353825085******  Applied Activation Policy ID: 2136 Part Description: iPhone 7 Applied Activation Policy Description: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy Product Version: 10.3.1 Next Tether Policy ID: 2136 Last Restore Date: Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy Bluetooth MAC Address: First Unbrick Date: 04/06/17 Last Unbrick Date: Unbricked: Unlocked: false Unlock Date: