Binge On does not work on prepaid plans under $65 a month


    Prepaid T-Mobile plans less than $65 a month do not qualify for Binge On, according to customer service contacted on Apr. 7, 2017.


    I have a 4G LTE 3GB high speed prepaid plan for $40/mo. My phone says that Binge On is activated if I call #264#.


    However, I attempted to stream video from a participating provider and used up all my high speed data. Thinking I screwed up somehow, I contacted customer service and was informed (politely and professionally!) that I didn't spend enough money to qualify.


    There was nothing in the terms and conditions that led me to think this was an issue and my phone told me it was working.  I wanted to help anyone else that was confused why Binge On didn't work what a possible cause might be!

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      • ritch

        This kind of garbage that T-Mobile does will not keep customers. Why bother though, may as well switch to MetroPCS and go unlimited for 50.00. 

          • barcodeable

            Switching to MetroPCS will not be hurting the T-Mobile company any...

            That's similar to me not liking AT&T and vowing to never buy there again... but go to Cricket wireless which is a subsidiary of AT&



            Deutsche Telekom, which owns T-Mobile USA, struck a deal with MetroPCS to gain control of the company. Deutsche Telekom merged MetroPCS with T-Mobile, and the new company, which will be called T-Mobile, will be publicly traded on its own.Oct 4, 2012

          • artart

            Hi participator

            Sorry to hear that there was a misunderstanding

            about the minimum data plan required to take advantage of the Binge On feature.


            Although I personally have a post paid plan, the requirements were similar when I first used the Binge On unlimited streaming feature. I gladly upgraded my plan & paid the small extra monthly cost, to meet the minimum requirement of 6GB data, in order to qualify for the Binge On feature.


            Although it certainly would be nice to receive unlimited video streaming for only $40 per month, T-Mobile certainly can charge a higher rate. In your case that would seem to be an extra $25 per month. Otherwise a customer can just pay the minimum for a basic data/phone plan and use just the unlimited movie streaming feature.


            T-Mobile offers features and perks to motivate people to spend more per month. A business doesn't have to include "premium" features with its lowest cost plan.


            I did try to check the current prepaid plan offerings and couldn't see a $65 unlimited streaming option. It seems to me that $75/month seems to be the only offer to stream videos, unlimited up to possible 30GB congestion dedprioritization threshold. It is possible that you have a plan which is no longer offered, if you can increase your monthly data to 6GB for only $25. You might be getting a grandfathered bargain.

            Here are the numbers.

            With your current plan you get 3GB of high speed data. Watching 1080p (full HD), video uses about 3GB of data per hour. That is about one hour of video.

            If you set the binge on or data maximizer option to "on"; presumably you stream video using only 1GB of data per hour. You would therfore be able to watch about three hours of video.

            If you upgrade your plan for $25. You will get unlimited streaming data. You could watch more than 30 hours of video, using 30GB of free Binge On data.

            At 30GB there is a possibility of being deprioritized and data speed could be reduced somewhat. But it clould also be temporary till congestion subsides.

            It is your choice. Is less than 1$ per hour of video worth it to you ? We all have different priorities.

            Thanks for sharing your experience with us as a "heads up" for the benefit of others. I thought I would also share my perspective on the topic.


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            • partchil

              The weird thing is, back then when it first started back in 2015, I had the 30 dollar plan with 5gb unlimited data and I got binge on on my account. Now they changed it. Corporations haha