Problem with internet after updating android to nougat


    I have unlocked s7 active before I had android 6.0.1 was working flawlessly no problem at all. Yesterday I decided to go to best buy and update my software to the newest android 7. Since the update I have a problem with internet and reception coverage. weaker reception and I had no internet at all l. For long time i didn't have the icon 4glte and no internet so i decided to go to samsung walk in service unfortunate they werent able to fix it so i came back to bestbuy and they changed the accespoint to metropcs and it started working but after couple min i send mms and didn't go trough so i went to t mobile and they exchange my sim card to new one and it was working until I restarted my phone and I noticed that the internet didn't work so I restarted it again and I had 4glte but not as good signal as before (before update) another restart and again no internet. Every time I restart my phone every two times I have internet. What is the problem?

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