Kudos to T-Mobile Rep Jonah


    After messaging T-Force for last couple of days and calling ups finally Rep Jonah ID 271775. I am glad its solved. A multiple of computer cancellations were resurrected. it started on march 24th, 2017. It was cancelled due to card denial. only a few were able to be fixed in store by the help of Manager Mathew and Monique in fresno CA. later one of the canceled orders came back to life and continued its process on March 28, 2017 the day after correcting the issue which in store march 27, 2017 at store we had to do a New order and turn in once again the LG V10. I am glad this is over for now. Never in my original first start date since 2008 have i ever seen a cancellation be resurrected. Thank you T-Mobile!

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