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T Mobile 1 promotions are not being applied to my account for 4 months now.

    Switched to Tmobile 1 plan at the beginning of December when it was 4th line free.  Have been overcharged by at least a $100 every month.  I have called and spent hours on the phone every month only to be told I am right and that the discounts will show up on my account before my auto payment is taken.  Every month I wait and it never happens.  The last month which was March, I was told it takes 90 days to reflect on my bill but once again it is April and 90 days have passed and nothing.   Not only am I not getting the new promotion but it also has stopped my Iphone 6s discounts that I have had for over a year.  So how do I get this fixed and have it reflect immediately instead of being told it will eventually show up prior to my payment being due. Which of course is set up to auto pay to get that discount and if I cancel it until they fix my bill I loose it.  I do not want to spend more time on the phone.  200+ dollars now owed to me and if it was me who owed them my phone would be turned off. 

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