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    I Migrated an HTC One M7 (Rooted and Unlocked) from AT&T along with an Samsung Galexy S3. I did thorough reading on the HTC One and found that the phones are EXACTLY identical between AT&T and T-Mobile with the ONLY difference being the firmware that they use between them so I don't know if its a firmware issue or not but the are both on the GSM network.


    Here's whats happening. In my home city, Atlanta. I can get service and 4G almost anywhere in the Metro.. It works almost as if I were with AT&T with the only exception that I got much stronger signals inside of buildings with AT&T for some reason than I do with T-Mobile. When I go about 30 miles out of the metro in ANY DIRECTION though, I lose almost all service. My signal bar turns into an "E". I can't make inbound or outbound calls and I do not get ANY data connectivity. the same thing happens on BOTH phones and when I was with AT&T this didn't happen at all so I don't think the phones are defective.


    I have data roaming ENABLED

    I am using the following APN's on both phones:


    When I am on a road trip, and I travel fairly frequently.. I can count on not having service through most of the drive, even on major interstates. When I come into small towns sometimes the signal returns and I can browse the internet or make calls for the brief time that I'm passing through them. When I come to ANOTHER major city, here's where things get weird. In some parts of those cities, everything works normally.. in others.. I get phone service only, and in others still..I get no service at all.. like Las Vegas Nevada.. In downtown I got Voice only but no data, had to use WiFi in my hotel. In the Suburbs I got some Voice and Data in some parts and Voice only in others. Same thing for Los Angeles.


    Can anyone help me with this? I was "considering" buying a T-Mobile branded phone hoping this would solve the issue but I don't want to do that and get wrapped into a T-Mobile contract on a new device and this doesnt solve it.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey mikeaw2010 and thanks for telling us about this. It's a bit surprising you're having so much trouble especially in major cities. I did check out the areas and I did notice a few things. In Atalanta for example, I'm seeing some modernization being done on towers outside the inner city area. This could be causing some of the data issues you've been having. Normally that doesn't go on for very long, but depending on how close you are to these towers, I can see this contributing to the service issues you're having.

        For the smaller towns you're going to, it would be best to check the coverage for those areas using our coverage map. Keep in mind, you'll want to search a more specific address to get the most accurate picture of what the coverage you'll get. Another thing to know is that our coverage map shows is a combination of what towers we have in that area and verified customer data. It can vary from customer to customer.

        After looking at Los Angeles, I'm not seeing the modernization I was seeing in Atlanta. I'd suggest checking specific location that you're traveling here as well. Looking at the overall picture of the coverage, it's showing it's strong throughout the area.

        Please keep us posted on this. We do welcome folks that decide to use Non-T-Mobile phones. We can't guarantee those phones will work with our network like our branded devices do, but regardless, we want to help you.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there!  Sorry you've been having such a tough time with your signal.  I just wanted to check in and see if you'd had a chance to look over the information Mike provided above.  Have you made any decisions about purchasing T-Mobile branded equipment, or have you noticed any improvement with your BYOD? 


          - Marissa