Digits not working via DATA when used on primary line


    My setup: I have DIGITS app installed on two devices: my tablet and my primary line. I use one line on multiple devices.


    Everything works great with DIGITS on the tablet; no issues there.


    However, I am having trouble with my main line phone. The reason I installed DIGITS on my primary line is because I use an unlocked phone that does not have WIFI calling. I want to use DIGITS so my primary line gets routed via DATA on my priamry phone and it would be as if I have wifi calling, just using DIGITS app.


    The problem: Everytime I want to dial out on my primary line using DIGITS app, it wants to route the call using the normal dialer instead of DIGITS app. But since I don't get service sometimes, it doesn't do through. I have tried to set DIGITS to data only mode, however I get the same result.


    Anyone with the same problem and/or solution? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and same result.

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      • icesteve

        Try uninstalling, when you reinstall select the data only option.  The rom I use does not support wifi, I had the same problem you are having.  After doing the steps above I now can make calls directly from the digits app without my dialer taking over.

          • deibid

            So I think I managed to do it. First of all, the latest build automatically verifies my number whether I sign in with the phone number or user name. I kind of did a combination of both of what you guys said: I did wipe and reinstall, but after signing in it automatically reverified. I put it on airplane mode and then turned on wifi and it said sim has been removed signing out. However, I didn't sign out. I'll update when I get an incoming call where I normally don't have mobile network. I'm afraid to recreate the problem and scenario because I might not get it back!

          • debjitjdv

            A stop gap solution is the following:


            Log out from the DIGITS app and make sure you delete all the data of the app before uninstalling it. There is a check box in the app. Now install the DIGITS app from the Play Store / App store depending on your OS. Now while it will come to the screen that verifies your number, DO NOT VERIFY. In that case, everything will be routed via DATA which is the default. And then activate whatever line you want to active in DIGITS app by sliding the appropriate slider. This stop gap measure should fix your problem. Please let us know if it works for you.

            • tmo_evan

              Well... what you described isn't technically a supported scenario.  The main reason to have the "DIGITS app" on your primary phone is really around getting the message and call log info available to you on that phone so that when you make calls or send text from other devices you have a record of those interactions.


              While what is being suggest may work, it is possible that in later updates some of these workarounds may not work when/if the SIM line and the line in the app are both on at the same time on the same device.


              Luckily there are a whole bunch of new devices including some lower cost grey-market devices that are supporting WiFi calling.  <Just saying> I'd probably recommend that longer term.

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              • tmo_marissa



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