Key One for T-mobile?



    Does T-mobile plan to sell this phone?  At least, will they support an unlocked Blackberry Key One on my account?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Key One for T-mobile?

        We don't have any plans as of now to sell this phone but I just looked at the specs and as long as it is unlocked, you should have no issues using it with our network

        • securix

          Re: Key One for T-mobile?

          I am also interested in buying a KeyOne to use on T-mobile. Will the KeyOne be able to support T-mobile Wi Fi calling, or is Google Voice my only option?

            • aiharkness

              Re: Key One for T-mobile?

              If it is not a T-Mobile branded device then there is a chance wifi calling will not be supported.  It might work. I don't believe T-Mobile would tell you any different. Your best source of info will be other users.  Watch these forums and particular other user-to-user BlackBerry Forums.


              On the positive, I'm using unlocked unbranded BB10 devices and wifi calling works.   I'm sure there are other examples.   So, there is hope for you. Just no guarantee. 


              Also, if it does work, T-Mobile will probably give best effort support if you have trouble, but that would be the most they can do. Again, a very good source of information and help will be found at user-to-user BlackBerry Forums. .

                • hexs666

                  Re: Key One for T-mobile?

                  I own a KEYone and i can confirm that WIFI calling does work out of the box.

                  But probably as aikarkness mentioned support is probably best effort from T-mobile.

                  Hope you get one as the device is pretty awesome.