Tower upgrade in zip 72118


    One tower was upgraded recently, no improvement. There are two more scheduled for upgrade. Do you have a date? I had another coverage issue last weekend inside a bldg. Unable to make a call, other users were using their phone. I don't know what carrier they were with. TM said maybe they were on 2g, well shouldn't my phone work too? I have 2 Samsung S7Plus. It took a hour for the missed call to show up on my wifes phone. We were side by side. I know it's not far to compare Carriers but i left Verizon for TM. There is a big difference between you two in my area. All i hear is we are expanding coverage. That's the future, not now. Why not take the money from Free Tuesday & apply it to upgrades where upgrades will come sooner & more?



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Tower upgrade in zip 72118

        I totally understand the need for reliable coverage thomasr1950. I just took a look at the ZIP code and the only 2 upgrades I see were completed on 3/17. If you are still having issues with the coverage in that area, I would recommend that you reach out to us again and have a new service request ticket created for your specific address and issue that way the engineers can be made aware that the updates we made did not resolve your specific issue.