How do I keep my phone from Resetting?


    Long story short, T-Mobile phone support doesn't have a clue.  My wife's phone was a Galaxy s6 Edge plus.  For what ever reason (that Tmobile SWORE was a phone problem), it constantly factory reset itself for no reason.  We fought with them and they finally sent us out a different phone, the Galaxy S7 Edge.


    That lasted a Week.  It factory reset and she lost all her data.  We started backing it up and it factory reset another 3 times for no reason.  It finally stopped factory resetting itself an then the phone was damaged.  Cracked screen but nothing major.


    About 3 or 4 months after that incident, it started factory resetting again.  Mind you, we now have identical phones and mine has had no issues what so ever.


    We called Tmobile and they said "it has to be the phone, it can't be your account".  Well, we spent the $175 to get a refirb unit from insurance, and it went through all the updates without issues...


    And in the past 24 hours it has factory wiped itself 2 more times.  It's a crap shoot when she opens her phone if it'll be factory reset or usable.  This is a big issue since my wife has medical issues and this is her only line to contact someone.  No home phone.


    So, how do I troubleshoot this issue more since Tmobile seems unwilling to admit that the phone can be factory reset from their end?  As an example of how ridiculous this is:  The phone factory reset and I went through the prompts to the point where it was asking for her password.  I let it sit since she wasn't asleep.  I checked back a few times it was always at the password screen asking to go forward.  Then when she wakes up and we're ready to continue, it is back to the welcome screen.


    She put the information in the phone a few days just to dial out.  Didn't do anything else, no apps, nothing.  Then this morning when we look at it, it's back to a welcome screen.  This is 2 different models, 3 physically different phones.  Being an IT tech, the troubleshooting on my side is exhausted.  The only possible last thing I can do is put a different Gmail account on her phone so it has no apps, and test it that way.  But that is the only thing that has been the same on all 3 phones.


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      • htghtg

        Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

        Hey, gwdragon!


        This seems unbearable (yet interesting) and I'm going to do some research on it! If you are feeling lucky, please try setting it up with a different Google account. If you don't want to play ball with it right now (which is understandable), that is also okay.

        I don't think there is a way for T-Mobile to initiate a factory reset remotely. So I believe they're right on that part. The fact that it did seem to cease resetting for a few months is intriguing!

        Anywho...I hope to look into this more tonight and I will reply with my findings!



          • gwdragon

            Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

            My wife said there is a way she can skip all the account info for google and just set it up as a phone (I never even looked into this).  She claims she did it with the one that had a cracked screen and it still did it.  We're going to try that with this next setup and see if it lasts.  That would take the account aspect of it away as a problem.  I have a new sim card and I can swap out the memory card (or remove it since she doesn't need it), but I'm not a phone guy so I can't see how a sim card or a MicroSD card would cause this kind of issue.  If it was just rebooting or locking up, maybe.  But factory resetting is a command or string of code to initiate and it's not something you can really do in your sleep.  I can barely do it when I'm looking for it.


              • gwdragon

                Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                So, here we go.  I checked accounts when I posted the previous post at 7:14PM.  No accounts on the phone at all.

                It is now 8:54PM and the phone is sitting at a welcome screen.  So, I think we just proved it's not the google account on the phone since there wasn't one.  When I checked earlier, I also saw a "pending Tmobile update"... but the phone was already updated days ago.  So, we know this is a factory reset to the original image since it's asking for a tmobile update which was already applied.


                So, that is where I stop today, needing sleep.  I'm looking more and more at moving away from Tmobile since this is kind of a big deal with a person who has medical issues and emergencies from time to time.


            • htghtg

              Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

              Hello again, gwdragon!


              I saw your reply half way through writing this (this will surely need to be approved as well) so I crossed out a couple of things. You happen to be two hours behind me so I'll try to keep the posting to the early afternoon. Apologies for the wall of text.


              I'm not sure if you already went ahead and set it up since your last message, but if you did please let me know how it works out. What version of Android is your device running? T-Mobile did release some updates recently but I'd love to know what version specifically you are using.


              Hopefully one of these things works. I've tried to list them in most-->least likely fix your wife's phone. Let us begin...


              *ADM seems less likely the issue because you tried without setting up a Google Account, but I'm leaving it*

              Perhaps it's a problem with your Google Account. There is a way to remotely wipe a device using the Android Device Manager that is linked to the Google Account. For this, I'd like you to register the phone with your Wife's Google Account. Do not install any Applications, and do not let the Play Store automatically install the applications.


              I'm thinking the Android Device Manager is remotely wiping it. So please turn off the Android Device Manager Anti-Theft option. Does it reset after this?


              If it does...continue reading...


              Let's try using a PC or Mac to update the device. Please follow the directions below. (source)


              • Use a Samsung USB cable.
              • Back up your data prior to completing the update.

              During the update, do not:

              • Use the device or press any keys.
              • Remove the battery, if applicable.
              • Turn off the device.
              • Disconnect the USB cable until the update is complete.

              You will not be able to place a call during the update, not even an emergency call.

              1. Download and install Samsung Smart Switch that is compatible with your computer from!/
              2. Connect the cable to a compatible USB port on your computer.
              3. Connect the other end of the cable to your mobile device.
              4. Allow your computer to install any required drivers for your device. This process may take a few minutes.
              5. Open Smart Switch on your computer, and allow it to make the connection.
              6. If a software update is available for your device, Smart Switch will automatically prompt you to update. At any time, you can click Update.
              7. Click Update to begin downloading the necessary files.
              8. Click OK to proceed.Your device may turn off and on a few times during the update process. Once complete the device will return to the Home screen

              So, after you are done setting up the phone and updating it via PC/ does it do? Let it sit for a while and observe it's behavior.


              Does it reset after this? If so...continue reading.


              So there are a couple of steps I would like you to do for me so that you and I can work on figuring this out. You may find that these steps are familiar to you since you've done some troubleshooting on your own- but I still need you to do them. The first thing I want you to do is set the phone up using whatever method is fastest and turn it off.


              Then, I want you to follow the steps below to get it into Safe Mode. (source)

              1. Turn the device off.
              2. Press and hold the Power key past the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge screen.
              3. When "SAMSUNG" appears on the screen, release the Power key.
              4. Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume down key.
              5. Continue to hold the Volume down key until the device finishes restarting.
              6. Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen.
              7. Release the Volume down key when you see Safe Mode.
              8. Uninstall apps that are causing a problem.

              Afterward, just lock it and give it a few hours to see if it has reset. If it hasn't, that's great! Let it sit until tomorrow- or however long it usually takes to reset itself.


              If it makes it until morning... I would be leaning towards either a TPA (Third Part Application) or PIA (Pre-Installed Application) causing you the trouble (how or why is beyond me.) If it reset sometime overnight please read on...


              Let's try performing a Master Reset using the hardware keys on the phone. (source)

              A master reset restores the original factory settings and may delete your personal data on the internal storage, such as downloads, ringtones, images, apps, contacts, and Visual Voicemail. It does not delete data stored on the SIM card or SD card.


              If the device menus are frozen or unresponsive, you can master reset using hardware keys.


              1. Back up data on the internal memory.
              2. Turn off the device.
              3. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key.
              4. When the Android logo displays, release all keys ('Installing system update' will show for about 30 - 60 seconds before showing the Android system recovery menu options).
              5. Press the Volume down key several times to highlight “wipe data / factory reset”.
              6. Press Power button to select.
              7. Press the Volume down key until 'Yes -- delete all user data' is highlighted.
              8. Press Power button to select and start the master reset.
              9. When the master reset is complete, “Reboot system now” is highlighted.
              10. Press the Power key to restart the device.


              Afterward, link the Google Account that has all of the info on it. If it gives you the option to, do not automatically install the Apps from Google Play that are linked to the account. Just to keep things clean for now. Let it sit and observe whether it resets.


              Does it reset? If so, let me know.


              Once I know what version of Android you are running, I'll be able to understand a little bit more about what's going on with your device. I will admit I'm running low on ideas- but I would hate to see this tear you away from T-Mobile.


              Please let me know and have a good night!





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                • gwdragon

                  Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                  I'm running Android 7.0.  Kernel version 3.18.31-10376601.

                  I tried to use smart switch, but that name is a mythnomer.    I installed it, the driver says it's installed, and I see it in my device manager.  I can browse the device in my file explorer but Smart Switch says it's connecting to your device.  It detects that I plug it in, but it can't connect to it.  I've updated the Smart Switch software on the phone but that doesn't allow for connectivity to a PC, only Device to device via a cable or Wireless...  So, that plan is out.  The update that is waiting on the phone is the Tmobile Software update, not an actual firmware update.


                  We've got it in Safe mode now.  Time to wait a couple of days.  Sometimes it takes a few hours, other times it might be a day or two.  Her Google Account was installed to get the new Smart Switch installed on the phone, but nothing was downloaded.  I have another sim card and can remove the memory card as well just in case.  So worst case scenario, we can replace everything on our side from the air to the user which leaves User error (how to accidentally factory reset your phone while you sleep is beyond me) or something with communication from Tmobile.  It's just odd that I've never had any issues with my phone and she's had this issue for a while.  It just started getting worse.  When one of her Work apps (lyft) requires the phone to work for long periods of time, and her medical issues, it's hard for her to work or get help if she needs it.


                • gwdragon

                  Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                  About a week or two ago I was going to post that there were no issues, but... today, it wiped itself.


                  We've now removed the memory card and have put in a new SIM card.  At this point, the ONLY thing left that hasn't been changed is the T-Mobile account.

                  Last chance.  If the phone resets after this, our account will be canceled.There is nothing else we can change on our side and we are told "nothing in the account would cause this" which means, to me, "we don't know what our software does but we don't think it can do this..."


                    • htghtg

                      Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                      Awh, Dang it!


                      It is very saddening to see that your problem wasn't resolved. Your efforts are truly appreciated and I hope that last ditch effort solves your problem for good. I am simply puzzled as to how this is occurring so sporadically! I do understand how frustrating it must be, but am hopeful that the problem will be solved. Though, in your case, it may only be solved when you leave .


                      Thank you for posting here! It was a truly a pleasure. Please let me know what happens!




                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                        I'm with htghtg here -- for the problem to return after almost two months in the clear is just bananas! I also feel like you've done a tremendous amount of troubleshooting on your end. I'm no engineer, but I truly can't think of an account provisioning issue that would cause a device reset, just because having spent so much time working on the Care side of account management and maintenance, there are no account changes we'd make that would initiate an automatic device reset. I'm hopeful that the new SIM/no SD set-up will resolve the issue permanently. Please let us know how it goes, I definitely hope we can get to the bottom of it for you.


                        - Marissa

                      • gwdragon

                        Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                        And now it's good-bye Tmobile.  I guess I'll be switching over to AT&T (if my phones are compatible) and paying off my phone plan.  My wife just called to let me know her phone has again factory reset itself.  So, the story/time line of why this happened.


                        Wife's Galaxy S6 Edge factory wipes itself.

                        Wife's Galaxy S6 Edge factory wipes itself every time it updates and updates once or twice a month

                        Replaced Galaxy S6 Edge with Galaxy S7 edge

                        Factory wipes itself regularly

                        Came here and took htghtg's recommendation and hard factory wipe it

                        Updates and patches work fine for about a 1.5-2 months

                        Galaxy S7 Edge factory wipes itself

                        Removed Memory card, replaced SIM card with one provide in Galaxy S7 Edge box when we had the phone replaced

                        Galaxy S7 Edge factory resets itself....


                        And I'm told nothing on my Tmobile account could possible send a factory reset...


                        With all the problems I've had, Tmobile still is trying to get me to upgrade my service, feels sorry for me when I have to remove my 22 year old son's account from my account when he gets his own, and all in all feels like it's still trying to bleed more money from me.  I'm done.  I had Tmobile years ago and left because they had a gap in service on the road where I used my phone often.  I moved from Verizon because their service didn't cover my house in a large city (Irving, TX), and now I'm moving from Tmobile because the hardware I purchased from Tmobile wipes itself.  Not good when it's used as a work phone with live data during working hours (lyft and uber driver).


                        I have yet to have a phone company I've like and felt they've treated me more than just some account to get money out of.  Some of the people I talk to, like htghtg and tmo_marissa are truly great people and have helped a lot, but the company itself, some representatives, the text messages from tmobile and the scripts/lines they use one the phone (would you like to convert the number on the line you are disabling for a home phone for "JUST" $10 a month)....  I'm not an ATM, I'm a customer.  Thank you to the people who have helped, and !@#$% you to the company leadership that decided to text me a couple times a month about their "save on 2 more lines" and "change over to a better plan (that costs you a little more)" and "lets hit up every customer for other services they would have looked for themselves if they wanted it"...

                          • htghtg

                            Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                            Thanks again for your participation here! I do really appreciate it.


                            Sorry to see you leave! Again, I don't think there's anything in the T-Mobile account settings that could remotely wipe the phone. Android Device Manager does have that capability but I believe you've said before that it wasn't the problem.


                            Please let us know how it goes over at Ol' Blue. I'll be curious to hear how the experience goes. If you're still up to it, try slipping the SD Card from the T-Mobile phone into the ATT one and let us know what happens. Though I do hope you don't run into any problems.


                            I can't thank you guys enough!



                          • gwdragon

                            Re: How do I keep my phone from Resetting?

                            Just an update.  I wasn't able to perform 1 more test.  A desperate move but still a good test.  T mobile has prevented me from doing so.  I switched Sim cards with my wife and let her use my phone and I would use hers.  This would prove or disprove the account theory which I'm confident it is.  I factory reset my phone and hers was already wipped so she factory resey hers.


                            We switched Sim cards....


                            And we weren't allows to use our Sim cards in each others phone.  When I try to setup my Google account it says my password has changed and I should wait 24 hours, It did the same to hers.


                            So, my password hasn't changed in Months (I think at this point it's years, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt).  It takes 3 minutes to put it in being very long and using non-standard symbols (I've been hacked, I learned).


                            So, a test that could possibly exonerate T mobile was blocked by T mobile.  So, to get this straight:  My phones (paid off), my Account (both sims) and I'm not allowed to decide which sim goes to which phone?


                            I'm sure if I waited to talk to their customer support, again, about this issue, they would have helped me...


                            If I had a phone to use, since removing a Sim card out of one and putting it into another removes both phones from use.


                            So late at night, after discovering that the store locator lies (the T Mobile near me isn't open until 8 like the site says, it's 6), I have to rebuild my phone (since I wiped it for a test) because T mobile won't let me do anything with my equipment.


                            I just wanted to update this so anyone who had the same idea when running through troubleshooting their phone would know the road block, pit of snakes, and Aztec dart corridor they would encounter if trying to move down this path.  Good luck.  I'm sure others not on T mobile might find this post (but who knows, it might not be accessible unless you're a T mobile user.  It's already hard enough to find it from my account page...).  If not, I hope other T mobile customers will find the test useful.  It really is a guide on how to reset everything in your control and start from scratch... as much as the customer can do it.