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    Hi, coming over to the States from Australia for a 3 month holiday.  Will be purchasing a T mobile unlimited plan in Australia which will last for 30 days and then will be using t mobile one prepaid plan to recharge.  However I want to look at the option of purchasing a T mobile 4G mobile hotspot unit probably the ZTE.  I know this will come with a included sim.  Do I then purchase a pre paid plan suitable and use it with the ZTE??

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        Hey, orion_jb2001!


        3 months? That's one heck of a Holiday! We're glad you already have your mind set on using our services. Are you thinking of purchasing your hotspot ahead of time? If not, you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting a T-Mobile store as soon as you arrive in the U.S.. In a store, you can pick-up your mobile hotspot, activate your SIM, and purchase your first month's service. You can find the closest store near the airport you're flying into here.