New Customer: A bill was waiting for me once i created my account and logged in


    I called T-mobile on 24th and show interested in porting 2 lines, T-Mobile one $100 Plan, ordered 2 SIMs with promotion, no charges for SIM and activation.

    I got the SIMs on 31st, Called support finished my  porting, Created account logged in  and account history shows


    24th   Order placed

    25th Account created with temp phones #

    29th New bill available $110 (with temporary numbers, bill cycle 25 Mar - 26 Mar, two days)

    31st Got sim/Porting/activation


    Now I have $110 due on 17th.

    How can I cancel this bill? I don't want to pay now and request for credits .


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      • barcodeable

        That's how it works.... The credits should show up on your next bill, and part of the bill that you pay now gets credited back to your account. This credit should be instant, but for some it is and for others it is not. You will more or less have to contact t-mobile if you don't see all your credits reflected on your next bill.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey baba2s, thanks for joining T-Mobile!  I'm sorry to read that your first bill wasn't the best welcome mat we could have laid out for you - it sounds like we didn't do a great job of setting expectations here, and that's not the kind of surprise we want to give new customers. 
          New T-Mobile accounts created for the past few years or so are "Bill Current", so when you sign up for service you'll see a first full month's bill and a due date by the time you're eligible to create a My T-Mobile account.  The due date for your first month is about a week before that month's bill cycle actually closes - so it's not quite Pay In Advance, but it's not traditional "billing in arrears" that you'd see with utilities that are entirely usage based.  Since service is available for use immediately, the basic charges are billed once the service is activated, while usage charges (like international calling or Play Store purchases billed to your account) will show up on the bill cycle after they're incurred.  If you activated postpaid service, then a due date of the 17th corresponds with a bill cycle that starts on the 25th of every month and closes on the 24th.  The bill you're seeing now would be for service from March 25th all the way through April 24th - your next bill would be for service from April 25th through May 24th, with a due date of May 17th, and would include any installment plans for equipment that you'd started or usage charges from the previous cycle.

          I know this type of billing can take some adjusting to, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  We want to make sure you've got a good understanding of what you're being billed for - nobody wants to pay a mystery bill.  We do have a page here on Support about Understanding your bill that might be helpful, too!  Thanks again for switching and for posting here!


          - Marissa

            • baba2s

              Thank you Marissa for detail.

              Still confusion, so what you saying, anyone if joined T-Mobile before 17, will see a bill ready  and due by 17th ?

              is my billing cycle i see in My T-Mobile is wrong?

              I see 

              Mar 25 - Mar 26    and

              Mar 27 - Current


              I am OK paying in middle of my billing cycle.  but the PDF bill i see says i am paying for my last billing cycle.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Gotcha!  Great question.  So those first two days are prorated and any charges for proration due to the start of service are automatically adjusted by our system.  Based on what you're seeing, you're paying for March 27th through now and a little bit further than that - all the way until April 26th, and your new cycle would start on the 27th of April.  It sounds like you probably signed up for the two lines for $110 plan.  If you have Auto Pay as well, you'd get a $10 credit rolling forward for making an automatic payment, and I'd wager that your actual due date is April 19th, but your Auto Pay will withdraw on the 17th (it always pulls two days early).  March 25th and 26th are only two days - I assure you two days worth of service don't cost $110! 

                  It's honestly times like this that I wish we had account access in the forum so I could go line-by-line with you!  I believe the detailed bill view that breaks this down a little more clearly would start on page 3 of the .pdf file, and I think they'd be listed under an Account header.  If you scroll down to the third page, do you see different dates listed there that make more sense?


                  - Marissa