SGH-T819 No Service with T-mobile signal booster


    Hi guys. I'm a returning T-mobile customer. I had T-mobile several years ago then went to 2 different carriers and am now back with T-mobile. My wife and I got a 3 line plan. I'm using my unlocked Verizon Note 4, wife got a new LG G5, and I bought a used/like new Samsung SGH-T819 online to use for our 3rd line. We got that for the inlaws as they don't have a mobile phone. At their house, we only have about 1 or 2 bars of service, and occasionally, we lose all service. The Samsung SGH-T819 doesn't have any service at all inside the house. T-mobile sent us a 4G LTE signal booster that works great for my wife's T-mobile phone, but does nothing for my Note 4 or the Samsung SGH-T819. Does anyone know why?


    My inlaws are older, so I chose a non-smart phone with an actual number pad. It's easier to use and they can see the numbers easily. If the SGH-T819 isn't compatible with the signal booster, can someone recommend a similar non-smart phone that will work with the signal booster?


    Thanks, Ish

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      • htghtg

        Hello and welcome back theyeti!


        While your phone did come from Verizon (which is CDMA, not GSM), there should be a few bands available that should allow you to connect to the T-Mobile network. Have you updated the APN's and Network Mode in the Note 4's settings to reflect T-Mobile values and not Verizon's since switching?


        If you'd like to read up some more on BYOD, see the Setup guide to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) page. I can also try to walk you through with any questions or guides if you get stumped.


        Regarding the 4G LTE Booster, is it the older model 4G LTE Signal Booster or the 4G LTE Cellspot that consumes your ISP Connection?


        What does each look like?


        maxresdefault.jpg4G LTE Signal Booster

        2.png?a=6443474G LTE Cellspot

        Now, moving on to the SGH-T819...It doesn't come with a lot of the T-Mobile Network goodies. What I mean by that, is there is ZERO LTE support- the most common T-Mobile Network Technology. Without a zipcode, it's hard to recommend a phone based on coverage, so I'm going to take a shot in the dark. In order to have the highest possibility of signal penetrating the walls of the house, I would get the ZTE Cymbal Z-320. The ZTE Cymbal has LTE bands 2,4, and 12 among others non-LTE bands that have a high chance of securing some type of a T-Mobile connection inside the home. It will likely be able to pick up the Signal Booster's signal if it's within range. Additionally, it's low tech so not much can be destroyed by random button pressing. It's also cheap enough to buy several as backups! It isn't a slider, but a flip much like the older model cellular devices. It's a very basic solution to the inlaw's problem.

        Let me know about your Note 4!



          • theyeti

            Hi htghtg,


            Thank you for the reply and suggestions. To answer your questions:


            Have you updated the APN's and Network Mode in the Note 4's settings to reflect T-Mobile values and not Verizon's since switching?

            Yes. It was done at the T-mobile store and I double checked it by comparing it to the setting on my wife's T-mobile LG G5.


            Regarding the 4G LTE Booster, is it the older model 4G LTE Signal Booster or the 4G LTE Cellspot that consumes your ISP Connection?

            It's the older model 4G LTE Signal Booster with the 2 units.


            Thank you for recommending a phone. I'll look into it later this evening. By the way, the zip code is 90032.


            Thanks again,


              • htghtg



                At that zip code, there is Band 12 currently being broadcasted (among others.) So that's probably the best scenario for your inlaws and yourselves. Band 12 is 700Mhz and is able to penetrate to the core of most buildings- so I'm thinking the coverage part will be resolved once the phones are up and running normally.


                If at all possible, I'd love to see screenshots of the APN settings and Network Mode. This is to triple check and help me to identify similar cases to yours in the forums. If the settings were updated in a retail store, was the phone receiving signal when you left? Did you do any resets since leaving the T-Mobile store? If you don't want to provide screenshots, that is fine. I can try and figure out another way to troubleshoot some more.


                That's my favorite model and I have one as well. I believe that signal booster should be picked up by both the Note 4 and ZTE.


                Thank you for keeping me updated!



            • barcodeable

              welcome back

              • theyeti

                I ended up getting the ZTE Cymbal Z-320 from Walmart for a little over $30 and bought an unlock code from Ebay for $2.50. It works great with T-mobile and is able to get full bars inside my in-laws' house with the signal booster.


                I tried changing several different settings on my unlocked Verizon Note 4 and it's still not able to work with the signal booster. I get about 1-2 bars in the house, which I'm fine with. Now I just leave the phone in one place when we go over. I read somewhere that non T-mobile phones are missing something that prevents them from getting the exact same signal as T-mobile phones. I can't seem to find the article or forum where I read that.


                Earlier today, I saw that we have a $30 credit for all 3 of our phones using less than 2gb of data. We also have the 20% hookup discount so it should come out to $50 w/taxes included, a month for all 3 lines, unlimited everything, HD video, and 10GB of Mobile hotspot data. We're very happy with the deal we got. Anyway, thank you guys for all the help and warm welcomes.

                  • barcodeable

                    $50 for 3 Unlimited Everything Lines is an awesome deal... The 20% Hookup Code was a great promotion, i wish It applied to current customers for our current plan . Keep your eyes opened and check whatever new promotio T-Mobile do in the future.... you may be able to make your great deal even better if they start giving out free lines again. From the Black Friday promotion, to the March 1st promo - I snatched up a total of 3 free phone lines thus far saving me approximately $165 dollars a month. After Black Friday I was sure that T-Mobile wasn't giing to give away free lines again after that promo stunt, but they proved me wrong (in a good way). I did notice though.... You have to put your ear to the ground (online sources) to find these promotion. T-Mobile doesnt't spend advertising dollars telling everyone about these promos so you have to do reserach on your own. And as for you leaving T-Mobile and returning years later and still being able to snag an awesome deal shiws that you are really savvy with obtaining deals. GREAT JOB . Because many people leave an awesome plan, and return to get expensive crumbs .

                  • theyeti

                    I think my wife chose a good time to break her phone. We were with Verizon, which is crazy expensive even with my company discount, we were a few months out of our 2 year contract when my wife broke her Note 3 and wanted a newer phone. We weren't very happy with our signal on the Verizon network so I decided to look for a different/cheaper plan. That's when I found a front page deal on I usually frequent that site for good deals like this. It had all the information and I didn't even have to ask for the 20% Hookup code. The salesman at the store offered it and entered it automatically into our account. I even got the $75 Sim Card Starter Kit credited back to our account.


                    BTW, I found a similar thread about using a Verizon Note 4 on the T-mobile Network. It looks like the phone isn't fully compatible with all the T-mobile bands and I'm guessing that the signal booster uses one of those.

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