Where is the SUBMIT button to upload my final previous carrier bill?


    I was contacted by T-Mobile about a month after submitting my final bill to tell me that there was a problem with it and they needed more pages from the bill. 


    So I go to the Switch2T-Mobile.com site to upload my complete final bill (minus call logs) and it indicates to click on SUBMIT after uploading.  I'm experiencing two issues with this process: 


    1. The site would not take the original PDF that I downloaded from Sprint's website even though it met the size and page limit criteria.  So I separated it into JPG files of the individual pages.  There are 7.  It appears to have uploaded those just fine.


    2. There is no SUBMIT button on the page.  I uploaded the files and that's it.  There's nothing else I can do on that page.  Are the files "submitted"?  Is there something more I need to do?  I don't want to wait another month for T-Mobile to tell me that something is wrong.


    We switched 4 lines from Sprint to T-Mobile and traded in 3 devices.  While I have paid Sprint in full for the final bill, I am out quite a bit of cash until this reimbursement comes through.  I appreciate any assistance.  Thank you.



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      • tmo_chris

        Hey mswebraven! Thanks for taking the time to post to our community and welcome to Team Magenta! I apologize that you are running into hiccups with your reimbursement I know that is quite a bit of money to be waiting on and you want to be absolutely sure everything is good to go. While we cannot see your reimbursement details here on a user forum, from what it sounds like, you were able to get the images uploaded to your specific reimbursement so as long as they are still there if you close the page and reload it, you should be good to go.


        You can also call them at 1-888-390-6867 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. PT (Mon-Fri) and 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT (Sat) and they can take a look at the new images you uploaded and let you know if that is all that they needed.

          • mswebraven

            Calling that number does not allow me to speak to a human being.  Just a useless computer operated message system that gets me nowhere.  The website now indicates that my submission has been deemed unqualified.  I'm beginning to regret my decision to switch to T-Mobile.


            I submitted my original bill in a timely manner for reimbursement.  Then it takes T-Mobile about 4-5 weeks to tell me that the bill was unsatisfactory and needed more pages (even though I brought it to a T-Mobile store for scanning and submission!).  and now another 3 weeks after trying to submit my corrected bill online, I get a status of unqualified.


            What is going on?  How can I go about getting my reimbursement?  Is there a number I can call to speak to a HUMAN?  Help please.