If i get the 7 edge what plan could i get if i just want to pay it off monthly


    I want to buy the 7 edge with unlimited everything but get on a plan by myself. How much would that honestly cost me and what plan do i get?

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      • abc1230

        Honestly I would wait for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ which comes out at the end of this month. I know that if you're part of the Jump program, it's $30 down and $30 a month for the  S8. Where the S8+ it's $130 down and $30 a month. I believe it's the same price for new customers if they get the Jump program when they register. You can even preorder them now here on T-Mobile's website.


        But honestly I would go to the T-Mobile store and talk with them, and way out your best options.

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        • abc1230

          Also I forgot to mention if you don't know the edge display is standard now on both versions. And there also is a new edge to edge Infinity display. Also, my local Super Walmart has them on display in the electronics department. So I got too hold both of them in my hand. They felt much better than the previous Samsung edge versions. And it feels like it's made to be held in your hand. The design is stunning as well. So if I were you I would wait till the end of the month if you can. You won't be disappointed.


          Also if you have another phone or the phone you're using now. You can use that phone for now and then once the phone arrives you just switch over to that phone.

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          • tmo_chris

            Hey rayray123456789,


            abc1230 is right. The S8 and S8+ are coming out real soon and if you are looking to get the latest and greatest, it might be worth holding out for just a bit longer. If you have your heart set on the S7 and you are looking to start your own plan, you can get the S7 for as little as $0 down (less taxes) and $24/month for 24 months when you activate on a qualifying postpaid plan with and our monthly installment plan. If you already have an active T-Mobile number and you are just moving it to its own account, you would not need to worry about the one-time $25 SIM Starter Kit as you would continue to use your current SIM card.


            As far as the plan goes, as I mentioned above, if you wanted to pay off the phone monthly, you would need to activate on one of our qualifying postpaid plans. Since you want unlimited everything, our T-Mobile One Plan is going to be your best bet. This plan runs $75/month flat taxes/fees included ($70/month if you sign up for auto pay) and it gives you unlimited talk/text/data so it is gonna be the best bang for your buck.


            In total, you would be looking at a small up front charge for the taxes on the $576 phone and $94/month for your plan/monthly phone payment ($99/month without auto pay).