Why does a  simple sim card charge for a new phone cost $25 for a long time account holder?


    I've been a long time T-Mobile pre paid customer and recently went to a T-Mobile store to get a nano sim for my new Huawei

    mate 9 phone. I was dismayed that they charged me $25 to simply change the sim card from my previous micro sim . After that I decided to check out Cricket (ATT) which gives me a free sim. I would suggest you don't gouge long time customers because like myself, because they will look into other providers especially on the prepaid plans.

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      • barcodeable

        WIth T-Mobile offering so many awesome deals practically every week or so, i believe they charge $25 for a sim card to make some money. After all, T-Mobile is a business like every other business (they need to make a profit to pay their employees and grow bigger to squash their competitors. When BestBuy was selling simcards for $4.99 i bought 5 of them and they arent due to expire until 11/2018 . Now BestBuy and other stores don't sell them anymore. T-Mobile pulled them from the shelves where you are forced to buy from them exclusively now. But, if you search online (you may find simcards cheap). But choose a reputable company to buy from .


        YOu can also keep an eye out for those FREESIM deals.... as you have noticed, T-Mobile has active deals going on everyday. Some deals are bigger than others, so i wait and hide like a lion until its time to pounce on a great deal .

          • tahoemike

            Thanks for the reply and although I can well afford $25 it sort of gave me a bad taste dinging a  6 year customer for a simple sim card size change  that took about 2-3 minutes of their time. I’m not sure if picking up a cheap sim would  have changed  anything in my case as T-Mobile would still have to activate the nano sim from my previous micro sim. I remember a couple years they changed my sim out for free when I bought a new phone.  Times change.

              • tmo_marissa

                Hey tahoemike, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.  I know the SIM Starter Kit price increased recently, and I can imagine this was an unpleasant surprise for a six year customer - I'm sorry to read that you felt burned by the unexpected charge.  In situations where we can simply switch an existing SIM over, we should always go that route to avoid assessing a fee.  For that matter, in situations where a new SIM is needed for troubleshooting purposes or because of SIM exhaustion (where a SIM is causing errors or simply fails to work because its outdated), we should be instructed by our systems to waive the fee.  But if a new SIM is necessary, there is an equipment charge associated to cover the cost of the physical SIM itself, authentication on the T-Mobile network, and SIM Lock (unique security features for wireless transmission). 

                I am concerned to read that we assessed a fee of $25 for this SIM kit, since you mentioned that you're a longtime Pay In Advance customer.  Although the fee for a SIM Starter Kit is $25 for customers on Postpaid or No Credit Check plans, Pay In Advance customers should only be charged $10 for this equipment and activation.  Since there are fewer network features to provision (for example, no Simple Global), the cost is lower.  I definitely want to make sure we are providing feedback if the wrong fee was assessed in this situation - what type of plan do you have?


                - Marissa

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                • tmo_mike_c

                  Hey there. Just wanted to see if you were able to get this handled. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need more help. Thanks!

              • magenta1943500

                I feel the same way.  We are longtime customers and have 6 lines on the tmobile one plan and I needed a new sim for a new phone to replace a phone that died.  I can understand a reasonable fee, but 25 is WAY excessive. 

                • barcodeable


                  I bought the Alcatel GoFlip lastweek from T-Mobile Online to upgrade a phone line that had a unresponsive touch screen and kept displaying a "NO SIM" messag. Well, T-Mobile didn't even charge me for the sim. I was very surprised and the subject of adding a sim had never come up during the phone selection process .


                  But when i received the phone and called T-Mobile to activate the phone... the customer rep explained to me she will be sending me an authorization code on the previous phone and i have to #1. read this code back to her inorder to activate the new phone. Or else #2 I have to go to the T-Mobile Store and show proof of identity. I was so annoyed because I explained to the woman the issues i had with the previous phone, so how in this great country of ours can i access something when the phone isn't functional. Luckily I am a person that think quick in situations like these.... so I came up with my own option, #3 Can you text this number to any of my other 6 numbers   . She said "Oh, I can text you at another number".... lol.... so that's what she did and ultimately I payed $75 Dollars plus taxes & $6.99 shipping. (i was never charged for a sim).

                  • I always order a SIM offline at no charge with the code for the free SIM.

                    • trainercary

                      I referred friends to Tmobile and gave them two old Sim cards.  They were asked to pay the $25 fee for each line.  What a rip off.  They won't be joining and I won't be referring new custimers until they fix this.  I am a long time customer, and the customer service has gone way down hill too. 

                      • magenta2383574

                        I share the same sentiment. I needed a new sim card to replace my old one. At the two physical stores I went to, the first one wouldn't honor the online price of $10 (currently an instant discount online Aug. 2017) and said the store price is $25. The second store quoted me an even higher price at $40, because they had a service fee. I'm a 14 year customer with four phone lines. I find it absurd that other phone companies would be happy to take my business away from T-Mobile, and T-Mobile is doing anything but convincing me to stay. I hope T-Mobile gets their act together or many people will be leaving.

                        • guy_standing

                          T-mobile your shooting yourself in the foot.  I agree this charge of $25 for a sim card is only going to turn customers off.  I recently experienced the same charge when my boys dropped there phones and shattered there screens.  I was able to use old phones we had but the sim card would not fit.  The representatives in the store didn't like it when I said I refused to pay $50 for the sim cards.  I am now always keeping my eye out for a deal from the competition.  When the right plan for my family presents itself I will not feel bad at all.  T-mobile you refuse to keep your loyal customers.  I was always taught a business practice - its better to keep customers then find new ones.