no chat button visible ever


    I have a prepaid plan that I would like to change by having live chat with customer care. When logged into under "Contact us" the live chat button is never visible. Is this because I am currently abroad, use Chrome or because there are no chat for prepaid customers? See screenshot of how there is never any button.


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      • geirhr73

        Re: no chat button visible ever

        Here is a screenshot without phone number visible.

        no chat.jpg

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: no chat button visible ever

          Hey geirhr73,


          I'm sorry this is being a pain for you. The chat option should have been available to you as I saw you were signed in to your My T-Mobile account. Our pay in advance accounts have the option to use this feature. We also verified that your browser is not the cause. Being abroad may be the reason for this. However, I have an alternate solution for you. You can contact T-Force via Facebook or Twitter. They're our social media customer service crew and are fantastic. All you have to do is click one of the icons in my signature and send them a PM/DM.