Jump with a Cracked Screen


    I'm sure this has been asked a number of times, but it is still kind of unclear to me after seeing the answer to some questions. I am eligible for a jump. My phone fell from a table this weekend and got a ding on the screen. It's a pretty noticeable crack now. Everything on the phone still works. The crack is like one of those spider dings on a windshield with one crack going the length of the device. The direct question is this: Can I just Jump this phone? I was looking to upgrade to the S8 anyway, or do I have to file a claim, pay the deductible, then Jump? Some of the other questions around seemed to imply with their answers that the phone functioning matters a great deal. This phone is fully functional still, just cracked.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Jump with a Cracked Screen

        Hey ulmet! Great question!


        Sorry to hear about your phone, that's pretty lame. Bad news is you would indeed need to pay the deductible in order to do a JUMP upgrade. If you were looking to hold onto your current device for awhile before going through a JUMP trade in, I'd suggest filing your claim so you at least get the most out of it!